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"I am …" is an incredibly small but powerful statement. If you become aware of your words and invisible thoughts, you will find that you and these two words are very intimate. This little statement is so powerful because it's a statement. When you say "I am …" you are describing it! You are proclaiming the world to the universe to your higher power, to others and to yourself!

Unfortunately, most of the "I'm" are different. Do you believe me What do you say about your thoughts and words for an hour and see if I'm right? I bet you'll say or think at least one negative to or about yourself at the time. Here are just a few examples: I'm so fat. I'm stupid. I'm never on time. I'm confused. I'm not good enough. I'm so mean sometimes. I am very behind the chores. I'm not a good cook. I'm so forgotten. I am scared. I'm sick. I'm not good enough. The list goes on and over again. Do any of these statements true to you? Do you think you're constantly hurting yourself? Sometimes these statements are simply emotions and are not actually spoken or thought, but they are still a statement of who you think you are!

Consider this:

What if you used the words to strengthen you?
What if you managed to use "I am" in a negative way
and immediately turned around so that you were not putting yourself down?

Let's use a few examples here: You are making the mistakes and you accidentally break and break one. These words fly right out of your mouth: "God, I'm so awkward!" Although you're cleaning a broken glass, you say and think, "I'm so stupid! Think about how all these negative words are describing who you are. Are you what you want to do about yourself … that you are [19659007] stupid late and stupid ? I do not think there's an image we want to paint from us. It's going to follow you all day!

What if we look at the same conditions with different glasses? Let's see what the same scenario would look like with another set of "I'm & # 39; s: You are making dishes and you accidentally fall and break one. These words fly out of your mouth right away: "Wow, I'm so fast with the dish, it flew out of my hand and I did not even know!" Although you're cleaning the broken glass you say and think, "I'm so efficiently i'll clean it up quickly so I'm on time. I'm so good at cleaning. "So … same conditions … healthier words and attitude … Now you're wondering you're fast efficient and great to clear .

What words do you describe better? What words help your self-esteem? face light and happy or scowling and angry? What is your breath? What about heart rate and adrenaline? Are you poisoning toxic toxins in your body by being harmless with yourself, or smile and release healthy endorphins? Are you judging or loving? Are you teaching or agreeing? It does not matter what your reaction is, the event is still the same … just an event … how you react is where the power is.

When you say things to you, these words tend to hang on and follow you through your day Y … even your week … and sometimes even longer. When you say good things to yourself, it gives you the freedom and permission to continue and not stay on conditions that you braved just through. You get to "skip it". Being good lets you laugh at yourself, forgive yourself and be good and love yourself. Is not it better than beating you?

When we make these "I'm" statements, we need to ask ourselves if we breathe the truth. I think we are very critically critical of ourselves, we are our own worst criticisms … and we need to quit! It's not good to say nasty to us, and we allow it for some reason. We never let others talk to us as we do and that's the truth! (If you let others talk to you in any way … that's all other matters!)

Take action: This week and again, let's keep an eye on how we think and talk to ourselves. When we say major and extraordinary gifts, let's immediately replace these hurt words with good and loving truth. "I am" is so powerful, but allows us to use our power for good and not for evil. We deserve it all!

Because together is better,


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