How to effectively overcome emotional stress

There are many types of stress but I am most emotionally stressed to overcome. I had to go through a very demanding emotional stress not long ago. There was a feeling of losing control over what was happening around you. All I could do was cry. Crying is really a good way to reduce emotional stress.

The concomitant use of drugs has caused my dad's blood pressure to be explained last year. My dad was then diagnosed with heart disease. It was a surprise to the whole family as it happened overnight. My dad has never been admitted to the hospital before. No one knows what to do when we were informed about illness.

Everyone was very worried as pain can lead to death. While worrying, we need to be strong for our dad. I remember having a sleepless night and waking up every night. At that time, it seems impossible to find ways to overcome emotional stress.

Fortunately, our support and concern from our family and friends helped us overcome stress. We shared our views and suggestions on what we do next. Family members helped out by keeping an eye on my dad.

We also seek faith and strength by making prayers and meditation. It calmed us down and this seems to reduce our concern. Although it helped to reduce emotional stress, it will not end as long as your doctor does not confirm that the disease is under control.

Since my dad has nothing but going through the brain action, worry and uncertainty came back. Everyone was worried and eager to wait for my dad to leave the theater.

I was my first panic attack when a surgeon declared that the surgery was not as good as they intended. I had difficulty breathing, the room was spinning, palm sweating and luckily I knew some tips on how to relieve panic attacks. I would have been the first guest to teach in the ICU.


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