Great cause of stress

Discover that stress is NOT caused primarily by people or circumstances, but by your own thoughts and actions.

We tend to think about stress as something that happens due to external events, such as financial problems, relationship problems, health problems or to do too much. Certain events like these are challenging, but they are not the real cause of stressful emotions.

Stress is an Important Message

Stress is an internal guiding way to let you know that you are thinking of thoughts or doing actions that do not match your highest quality or that you are trying to control something you can not control – like how people feel about you or the outcome of things. Stress can also be to inform you that something in your body is unclean – you have medicines or substances that affect your brain and cause stress, or you have eaten foods such as sugar, processing or pesticides that are harmful causing brain damage , which leads to stress problems.

When you work from grieving your self and try to control something you do not control – like others & # 39; emotions and output of things – Your stress is to let you know that you are throwing your head against a wall and not accepting reality. In contrast to stress – inner peace – is the result of receiving what is learning to love yourself in the face of what is and practicing gratitude for the big and small blessings of this incredible way of life – even in the face of all challenges. And as many of us have experienced, gratitude gives us a stressful way of showing what we want and works much better than trying to control others and results.

Beyond Stress

Wallace Wattles, author 110 In 19459007, can be fully satisfied with the shapeless material [this is what he calls God] by keeping a lively and sincere appreciation for the blessings he gives him [and her]. Gratitude combines man's humanity [and woman] with the intelligence of the material, so that man's thoughts are achieved through formless intelligence with deep and constant gratitude. "He says that when you often think of the spiritual image of what you want," along with unwavering faith and intellectual gratitude, "you set the creative crowd.

Your stress is to let you know that you are doing the opposite of this – you use your thoughts to create what you do not want and try to control others and consequences rather than creating with a spirit.

The main challenge here is to believe that all of this is true. You might be knowing that this is true from the perspective of your beloved adult, but your wound probably does not believe it. It's very easy for yourself to come in with thoughts about bad things that happen that bring you from faith and gratitude and into stress . It's very easy for the wound to focus on how to try to control others and consequences, which will always create stress. It's very easy for your wounds s Reversing trash and other substances that balance the body and cause stress. It's even easy for the wound to try to use inner work and gratitude as a way to control God! It's so important when you start learning and expressing gratitude to make sure your intention is to love yourself and others, with no other program, rather than using internal work as just another way to try to control others and results.

Stress is your friend

Stress is your friend since it's instantly to let you know that you care about your thoughts and / or behaviors. Instead of ignoring your stress or pacifying it with a variety of drugs, which will greatly cause more stress, why not do internal work and engage in it with a deep desire to learn how you are about a song?

When you think about it, it's strange that our society tries so hard to get rid of stress with drugs and addiction, instead of learning what it's trying to tell us. When you really get that stress, the guidance of the way is to tell you that you are "out of the way" (in the original Aramaic Bible, sin is translated as out of the world) in your thinking and / or behavior, you will participate in what you are to do to create it, rather than ignore it or try to get rid of it.


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