Failure is Alpha's best friend Alpha

We tend to prevent failure and make mistakes at all costs, even at the greatest expense of all who are not trying anything in the first place because we are afraid to fail. Why are we afraid to fail, though? Is it really because we do not want to feel like a mistake or is it because we do not want others to see us as mistakes? We appreciate the opinions of others so much more than ours, that we are prepared to turn off our dreams, our goals and happiness because other people who have their views disagree might see us as a mistake, laugh at us, talk about us behind the back of Egypt says: "I told you that".

It's time to redefine the failure. Much has been said to redefine failure, embrace failure and failure is an essential part of the move. When I was growing up, failure was the idea that you did not reach the goal for the first time you tried. You tried and you succeeded, or you tried and you failed.

Unfortunately, most people never reach the goal for the first time they are working on it and if they do, chances are that the goal is easy and they do not defend well enough because they did not realize how much they really are. capable .

Failure is an inevitable experience on the way to success. Biggest owners of the company, the biggest athletes, had all been incredibly successful before the performance was achieved: Steve Jobs was driven from his own company, the company started before recruiting six years later, turning Apple into billions of dollars. Starbucks Howard Schultz resigned as CEO of the good company, but then he returned. Michael Jordan once said, "I've failed again and again in my life and that's why I reached."

If failure is unavoidable, how can you avoid it? Of course, we want to see potential obstacles that are going to be successful, that's just a good setup. I do this with my clients.

Failures are not about twists and turns and forks on the road we get on the move. For every failure there is lesson, seed wisdom that becomes an integral part of the next footstep of the journey.

Failure has never started for fear of what is ahead. For fear of not being good enough, smart enough, clever enough. Failure is to revert to what might be because it is much easier to embrace safe and comfortable.

However, you may have to experience some kind of withdrawal, roadblock or obstacle to find out where you are today, either personally or professionally.

When I was in the army we had to run the rides I hated more than anything else. Our servers used to say, "Do not stop running! You can slow down, but never stop running." There were times when I did not take these tips and it was almost impossible to get back to the race in my race with my soldier.

So hired here is to continue no matter how fast or slow your success might be, it is still progress.

Embrace so the imperfection of the trip and redefine the failure.


This is an exercise I do for myself and with customers. It's a great way to use the past as a leverage to propel yourself to success in the next few stages. It's very simple, but I think it's amazing power and fan writing things down and watching them instead of just trying to keep them all right in your mind.

Think of all the time in your life that was very difficult and you were wondering if you would never get through them. Write them all down. Then write a good one that came out of all of these. Maybe it was a lesson, maybe it was a new job, maybe it was a new relationship. Whatever it is to write it down. Keep this list somewhere where you can view it and extract it when you start to question yourself. Remind yourself that you've gone through worse and came back and you'll be back at this time.

Do not Stop Running,



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