8 ways to beat freedom of movement

When we embark on the festival it is easy to find surprise and stress. After all, there is so much to do, and so many information – big and minor – to plan and cross: There are candidates to buy (and wrap!); home to decorate; food to prepare; relatives to appease (think: mother in law!). The list footed endlessly.

How are you doing a myriad of tasks and only 24 hours a day to get them done, how can you avoid the noise of your holiday and make you stress? After all, stress is inevitable … right?

Well, maybe not. You can effortlessly have Christmas if you have the right tools and correct thinking. Here are 8 ways to enjoy the holiday – without focusing on them.

-> 1. Look at your pennies.

Image this: The kids have been asking for the latest Nintendo Wii; Your sister has hinted that you are prada tote; Your husband would love a new collection of golf clubs … The "gimme" factor has taken place, and the list of I-gotta-have-it continues and again.

Well, it's good to spend your hard money on those you love. But when the Visa account appears in your mailbox, then the good part of this darker, dreadful fear of "How should I pay for all this?"

The secret – which is by no means secret – is to speed yourself financially; Do not blow your laundry at once. To stay within your budget, not beyond what you mean. You can not splurge at the latest or the most is strong and disappointment your friends and family are the last thing you want to do. But being awake in the evening, worrying about how you are financing your travel expenses is much worse.

Stress-free solution: Although retail chains are indeed an easy way out, house exhibitions never go out of style. And emotionally good factor? Priceless. (For a slight inspiration, go to http://www.Michaels.com ).

-> 2. Walk away from the buffet!

Eating and drinking in holiday resorts can be as natural as snow in December. But overindulging comes with a high price tag: weight gain.

To prevent an extra shot during this holiday season (and we're not talking about the downside of the King-size bed), avoid overdose like the plague. That does not mean you have to proceed from all the yummy holiday fares. Glætan! Just do not use the holiday as an excuse for leaving nuts! The key? moderation; moderation; moderation.

Stress-free solution: Have a small but enjoyable chat in lectures – a container of defatted yogurt; 100-calorie packet poppy or oatmeal; 10 almonds; cheese stick – to keep you attacking the dessert table. (19459005) -> For more food methods and tablets – including daily exercise and calorie diet / nutrition tables –
visit: http://www.fitday.com .)

] -> 3. Plan ahead.

If you, like most Americans, buy the majority of your holiday pay in the last minute, you're not making yourself a few favors. Not only can you shop for the second stores, but it's not enough stress – not to mention poor decision-making – it costs to pay you more money than if you plan to do it in advance and make your holiday in advance.

Back is the clock not an option (what does it really cost to buy snowmobile in September?) But that does not mean you can not predict in advance next year. As soon as your tinsel has been thrown and your lights unstrung, hit after vacation vacation and squirrel off your bargains for upcoming events all year long – birthday, anniversary, bridal and baby showers, holiday gifts, and so on. You will be glad you did.

Stressless Solution: Shop Online! While you can not score any serious bargains, do not worry: The savings you get in common are worth it. (For free solutions, organized for occasions, go to http://www.gifts.com )

-> 4. Shop maximum.

If you need to enter the mall on December 24th – and do not say you have not been warned – do yourself and go for a maximum of time. According to my cousin Sara, who can buy 300 meters, the best time to go to the mall is from 16:30 to 18:30 – dinner! I tried it (on black Friday, no less) and discovered that while not quite a ghost town, the advance dinnertime mall was pretty darn quiet.

Stress-free solution: Use your noodles to think outside the box (or shopping center, as appropriate).

-> 5. Keep your expectations realistic.

For many of us, the vacation can be emotionally nervous, with great emphasis on being arrogant, jolly and gay (happy good, not the straight straight guy). But not everyone is like dancing on Christmas holidays on holidays, especially if there has been a sad event, tragedy or loss in the family (death, divorce, separation, etc.).

Stress-free solution: If you can track prizes – appreciation for health; home; satisfactory jobs; family and friends support – you're more likely to feel "less than" because your life is not all roses, sunshine and smiley faces (which are all overestimated).

-> 6. Stay in harmony (or at least fake it).

Holidays tend to bring together families – it's not always good, especially if your family is more Osbourne and Osmond. But that's all right. No family is perfect, and you do not have to be either.

At the same time, the festivities are not the time for violent emotional conflicts, ugly family or airborne dirt. If you are angry with your aunt Blanche for ____ (chosen violation) there is no rule in which you say you can not keep it yourself. Your living room is not Jerry Springer soundstage. In other words, back off!

Stress-free solution: Avoid emotional family conflicts – at least until the mistake has been taken.

-> 7. Delegated projects.

Yes, everyone thinks you're a superwoman – and in many ways you are. But that does not mean you have to do the shopping, wrap the gifts, clean the house, cook, serve and clean up the dinner and be in love, all at the same time. You deserve some help!

Asking is one way to get help. But telling those around you what you expect from them – what you need – is often the most effective way to succeed.

Stress-free solution: "Do not ask, do not say" does not work in the army, and it will not work for you during the vacation. So ask. Say!

-> 8. Add entertainment.

Running like a headless chicken serves no other purpose than you feel like a headless chicken. In addition, there had to be a better way to prepare the vacation. What about trying to really enjoy them for change?

Easily put your feet up and enjoy the wheelchair easier than done, especially when making a list of your Santa contenders. But that's the way: Try to enjoy the holiday season.

For example, instead of plaguing through the freelance list, install some solemn music (my choice: James Taylor at Christmas), grab a hot dentist and a pretty pen and start typing. Before you know, your list will be complete and you've really enjoyed it. What a concept!

Stress-free solution: Channels your inner Mary Poppins and think: "In every job you need to do / It's fun / you like fun and click! / The project is a game!" Hey, if it worked for Mary …


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