6 Characteristics of the lion to consider your own leaders

As a leader there are certain characteristics and characteristics of lenses that you may find useful to consider – for yourself and your "pride". Just let us take a few minutes to explore this and, like all the languages, we will not kill it.

1. Protective

You do not have to watch a lot of Discovery Channel shows about lions to see how highly protective they are – territory, themselves, their young ones and so on. What do you need to be protective in being more lion-like? Protect yourself? Your money? Your children Your companion? Your spouse? Your company? Your upper secondary schools? Your position? Your faith So, exactly what do you need to be protective?

2. Brave

Being a lion like you brave and courageous. Of course, you choose when and where to be brave vs timid, courageous vs. cowardly. We make all choices every day. Look for opportunities today and every day where you can be brave. It matters, both for you and for others.

3. Hope to fight

Hmm … we know that the lion will fight when necessary. They choose not fights but because they are willing to protect their food, their spouses, their territory and so on, they will fight if necessary. What's the only thing you're ready to fight for?

Many readers are parents and I think many parents would be willing to fight for their children. Or maybe you're a professor who's ready to fight when you see other bullying bullying. Perhaps you are a teacher who is fighting for certain students who need your "protection".

What is it for you? Really. What are you ready to fight for? The only thing?

4. Hunters

Many worry about finance now. Someone recently wrote that she had interrogated middle school girls in the bathroom in movies talking about how they had to come up in any way to earn money because after the legislature had finished their parents have no chance of giving them money in the movies anymore. You might be one of those who is "hunting" for money. You may be looking for it for your own situation or you are hunting for projects at work or community needs and the like.

But what should we look for lion-like people? You can describe it as follows:

  • To find what really makes me happy
  • Courage to ignore what others think well and find my success.
  • Courage dare to make dramatic changes in the process of my career that will also change my personal life and vice versa

What are you hunting? And like a lion in Savannah, you can find it, but you know it regardless.

5. Partnerships (part of pride)

6. Loners in the big scheme

The last two – be part of a group (ie proud) and also to be something loners in a big scheme of things – think about it.

As a person who seeks to be positive no matter how crazy things are around us, we need to see ourselves as part of a proud team – family – group – organization – community – or whatever you could call it. We must gradually combine our group – small or large – that will assist us in our – if I can use this word – survival. Lions are not part of the prides for any reason. That's why. You need "proud" of your own if you are "living" in a positive place.

And here's the other part (at least when my little brain thinks this), we're also single in a bigger role. What I mean is, as lions do not hang out with all other animals but hang out – sometimes quite alone – but certainly with some other lions we may have to understand ourselves from time to time.


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