4 simple methods to remove stress

"I'm so stressed!"

"I'm tired of my work!"

"What's going on in the future?"

Do you know any of the above statements? More importantly, have you used any of this in your life?

Well, you must have used at least one, if not all of these, sometime in your life.

What do you mean by the term "stress"?

Technically there are two types of stress, ie. "eustress" and "emergency."

Eustress, or "good & # 39; stress is the minimum amount of stress we need to complete the task, successfully. But when we make ourselves more sensitive to more stress than required, it creates the possibility of reducing ourselves to other stresses.

As a psychologist, I meet daily people who say: "Tarun, I'm so stressed, I do not know what I'm going to do!"

  • Partners
  • Relationship
  • Political Reason
  • News
  • 19659012] Children's Test
  • The daughter of a wedding … and much more.
  • If we browse the stream of our beloved social network we find 10 items we drove or hate in the first 5 minutes and maybe 2 or 3 things we love or even like at the same time .

    There is much to emphasize today.

    I'm going to provide you with some of my personal streaming tools.

    They are as follows: –

    1. News Fast
      This is one of the most effective methods of stress management I have ever used. Nowadays, regardless of the news you choose, more than half of it is filled with negativity and stressful news. Also, no! The newspaper does not mean you let go of the news forever. You can only start ignoring the news for 7 days.
    2. Selective Social Media
      Yes, you read it right! I do not ask you to give up the social media completely. I'm just asking you to be selective about it. Choose what is appropriate for you and what is not. You can always reverse what does not concern you or cause negativity in your life. You will not miss anything because it does not concern you. It was a wonderful debate in some Bollywood movies, which had come out for several years. There's something like this: "You can not be in two places at the same time. That means you'll definitely miss one at any time." "Are you at that time?"
    3. Use Stress Ball
      Well, like old school like it sounds, it works! Always keep a soft ball, well! A medium sponge-like ball will help you in many cases. When you're stressed, just squeeze it and keep doing it until you start feeling a little bit better.
    4. Deep breath
      Remember – there is nothing that 5 deep breath can not solve. When you are in a difficult situation, sit down, if you stand and put your palm in your stomach, put straight, close your eyes and take 5 deep breaths, find each breath when you breathe. After each deep breath, repeat the following to yourself: "I am capable of treating this condition!" and start making your tone stronger, with each breath.

    Try these steps the next time you feel a little stressed and think about your challenges from a third-person perspective. Also, think, "How is this problem affecting me in the next 5 years?"

    All the best!


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