Instant Stress Management Principle Number 2 – Imagination is stronger than knowledge

This article discusses 4 key elements in stress retention. My subject is learning and learning These 4 principles enable people to control their stress when they need it, ie. immediately. This article addresses the principle of number two for stress management.

We all know that ghosts do not exist, at least most of us do it. But when you sit around the fireplace and listen to ghost stories, most of us, even strong unbelievers in supernatural, will be spooked. This is not because the people around the camp suddenly became believable in ghosts, but because our imagination took over our knowledge and released material in our body that is fearing. Our imagination trumped our knowledge.

Most of our stress occurs for an actual event that should cause stress. For example, if it's an introduction you have to give to an office or class, it will cause the most amount of stress on the way for actual promotion.

But if you suddenly discover that you're moving to another office or school, and your upcoming presentation does not matter anything, then you suddenly streamlide the stress you're experiencing. This means that your experience of stress for the actual event was attacked by your perception. ie with your imagination.

In dealing with any event, we will imagine that it affects your stress. You may not be worried when the boss or principal calls his office. But your imagination will often give you reasons to feel stressed.

Imagination always interferes with knowledge.

You can use this knowledge about the power of your imagination at your advantage. If your imagination can create imagery in your head that creates stress, you can also do the opposite.

Imagine your presentation works well or the audience is inside you and will forget about you as you leave the stage, then stress will decrease. If you like talking to the crowd, just imagine having fun and being in line with your audience without being too busy in their reactions (taking some of the pressure off).

Imagine relaxing on the beach while waiting to talk to your boss and this will help you relax. You must also have more of your spiritual resources available to deal with problems if that's what you've been called on.

Imagination can be stronger than knowledge, but in many cases you can bring imagination under your control. Thus, knowledge of the power of imagination can give you strength if you use this knowledge in the right circumstances. This will reduce your stress in most cases you will encounter.


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