How to deal with an addict in the family

Addiction is a family problem. When one person in the family becomes an addict, it affects many family treatments in many ways. Treatment for the addict not only includes assistance for the addict, but also help for the whole family.

The whole family suffers from addiction. One study says that 1/3 of families in the United States have at least one member who is an addict. The number decreases in 1/4 of families in the United States who have an addict in the nuclear family. These drugs are more likely to suffer from anxiety, depression, divorce, domestic violence and child abuse.

Family drug addiction involves active participation for the whole family. It does not mean that family members need to condone the behavior of an addict, but every family member has to go through his own recovery process.

When you first realize that a family member is in a position to abuse the content, you must immediately ask yourself if you are contributing to the problem or helping solve the problem. Check your behavior carefully as this question is very difficult to answer.

Below are six actions that will make the situation worse:

  • Believing or acting as if you are solely responsible for all the circumstances and care for yourself
  • To hide the behavior of the drugs from others [19659007] ] Doing things for the addict they can do for themselves
  • Continuously taking care of the drugs that take care of yourself
  • If you do not control the situation you testify that you can control your actions against addiction
  • Understanding on your feelings and feelings rather than constantly worrying about the addicts

Below are six features that make the situation better:

  • The drug needs to set clear goals with the addict about their behavior
  • the family must contribute to the professional help for the addict who may include one in one counseling, rehabilitation centers or drugs such as would said, naming the nominal values, etc. [19659007] The drug family must stop helping, enable and do things to allow the addict to continue using their content of their choice.
  • The family member must try to agree that there are problems, that they are all contributing to the problem and that they need to stop making and breaking the problem.

Addiction is a very serious subject. It affects the whole family. Unfortunately, the whole family must deal with and deal with the problem, but it is a hope if family members help.


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