Depression, storage stress and alcohol formation

Psychiatrists are beginning to come to the understanding that the mind has a very powerful built-in protection device. We will review two situations to see how it works.


A child is told from a parent to be disobedient, shouted at and said to go to his bedroom. After approx. half an hour, the parent starts to be a bit guilty and goes to the room to give them a hug and let them come back down. When they open the door, the child is quite happy to play without worrying about the customs. He also knows that he has been punished, but please put it in his mind and forget it. This is called disavowal. Check the password here is deliberate.


Biker participates in a crash of a car hit. As he rolls over the car, he lands on the road and hard to walk on the body. He is still aware and lies next to the road and talks with sidewalks until the ambulance arrives. On the way to the hospital, the ambulance speaks the crew with the biker and he talks again until they always come as he ran away for control and recovery. A few weeks later he is discussing a crash with friends. He describes getting around the corner, seeing the car and coming to the hospital. However, he does not have the idea of ​​chopping the car, landing the road, talking to the reception or going to the ambulance. To him that part of the scenario did not happen. What has happened is that consciousness has found the case so terrible that it has diminished it deeply in the subconscious because it does not have to cope with it. This is a much more special version of disavowal and is called depression

A big problem with pressure is that its negative energy is now stored in the subconscious mind – it has not been released. In most cases, this energy is eliminated. However, there are times when something will turn on or activate it to become a distant feeling. Our biker can see a movie with a motorcycle crash in it and will immediately feel anxiety over him – and this may last for a few days in some cases. The biker may have thought he was over the collapse – he remembers the car, remembering to come to a hospital. He's okay with that. What has happened is the movie on the television has led to an awesome part of the crash residing in the subconscious, the part of the crash that the biker is unaware of. This comes to the surface, not as memory, but as a feeling like fear or anxiety. This is a very obvious trigger, but the ignition may be something that is not related to a motor vehicle or a crash that causes anxiety to become confusing. For example, in my forced memory, there may be an incident where the biker spoke to a woman in a pink shirt immediately after the collapse occurred. Seeing women in a similar jumper could now stir the blurred sense of fear.

Karl Jung said, "Anxiety is the fear of extinct thin"

Narrated memories are not normin, but today's general efforts are also stored within the energy system and within the subconscious mind. And there is no real difference in the resulting energy. So when stress has been caused by replacing a spouse, a transferring home, a Christmas mix, a lot of worry about taking a test or breaking a leg, the actual stress in the body is similar. His severity can vary, but the negative energy is the same. The body can not cope with this stress structure and whenever the cumulative stress levels reach a critical mass, it will try to omit them. This is called external allocation.

Strain can affect foreign countries like any of the symptoms already described – from swings, anger, fatigue and physical pain. Cumulative stress can and does externalize as something more serious – phobias, in very severe cases such as cancer and heart disease and nervous diseases such as compulsion and obsession. You can see the importance of managing stress, not just for mental well-being but also for your physical health.


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