Are you a chance addict?

First, we can define the term addiction as "subject to non-voluntary activity or practice."

For some people, this fact can not be obvious. In our training process we have had agents who are struggling with this particular addiction. The question will be: how do you get drugs? People, generally, start by simply doing the business that will finally give them financial freedom, and then they start jumping from one opportunity to another without notice. Soon they will be dependent on a dream that will be a nightmare for them and, in some cases, their families.

You must wonder now what's wrong with looking for new opportunities and going for a dream? Please do not misunderstand me: Looking for dreams and goals (and achieving them) are the behaviors that coaches want everyone to do, but be aware that not all dreams are realistic or positive for you.

What's another dream that could mean trouble for you and fun with others? It's just a matter of reaching our goals by knowing that we have the right tools and have the right knowledge to use them in our benefit .

Do you want to dig a complete hammer? This is just what many people do without knowing it, our work as coaches is changing them for the best shovel available. Many of us, as a child, dreamed of going to the moon one day, but did all of us dream about what made it?

The addiction I'm talking about is when people go for a deal because they want not only invest time but money and energy again and again without success.

Of course, many of these "deals" and "could be profitable if you spend enough time and effort, not to say money, to see them work, but the people I'm talking about are those who jump from one-stop-thinking "is the right … until a new opportunity is created. So, by the end of the day, the & nbsp; & nbsp; Chance Addict will be disturbed by a new incredible agreement

In an example: I've seen people waste a lot of money on network operators, then keep up with nutrition and health (while waiting for one's business to work one way), invest in new & # 39; great product that will help the whole planet save energy and get clean air, buy the latest and safest safety equipment to protect them from unhealthy microwaves on mobile phones (of course everyone is happy with it), etc. But do all these deals really work and will give them financial freedom? or is it just a thought? Having a lot of business does not mean that they are all productive or will always be.

How can you find out if you, a way of life or friend are "addicts"?

Well, here are some clues that could serve you as a guide: In less than a year, they've changed business work more than 4 times (not talking about their usual job) They are afraid to say "no" and sometimes stop to lose the "life cycle", so they say "yes" and try to deal with as much as possible without even notice. They have a large number of projects running at the same time. They are so busy between one project and one that feels overwhelming and little, or not all, time for family and friends … or even themselves.

Maybe you've already recognized someone here, know someone who claims some or all of these symptoms and know that you're wondering what to do. Forward this article to them, help them see how much they've invested in all these small affiliate programs (not just in cash) and compare what they've got (in cash).

Are they happy with what they are doing? Is it to provide them with where to look? Are they closer to their goal? Is their business growing as expected? Are you looking for a new opportunity now? This as well as many other questions will help them realize that they could go a little too far and become opportunistic. Find help for them before it goes too far, training could be their gate out !!


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