Stress and restlessness

When We Learn STRESS; We find that one of the greatest gifts of life is restlessness! Restlessness of unknown origin! More often than not, restlessness is not linked to any special will, though; It can be combined with starvation, thirst, insecurity, sexual deprivation and so on.

We complain (and continue to do) about everything like price increases, water shortage, electricity charging and a hike in passenger air. At home we continue to grumbing or complaining about almost issues; such as children, their learning, bad health, lack of attention and even climate!

But when one is satisfied with the complaints about new issues, begin the eruption! We can not stop complaining and grumbling.

We could try some actions to "extinguish" our restlessness. But we find it; We're only temporarily happy and new reasons for our complaints are coming! All in all; we must turn into an inevitable cycle of restlessness, complaints, persuasiveness and new reasons for restlessness and complaints!

Life will be an endless journey and try to escape a variety of activities like sports, gymnastics, sports, gymnastics, gymnastics, swimming, crafts, music, climbing, painting, dance, etc. But they do not; and it does not matter anything, gives us the fullest.

We; Try to share a gossip, share our feelings, thoughts, ideas, engage in charity activities or anything else that we encounter in gambling, horse rack, drinks. But still be empty, hollow and restless. Our complaints continue.

What is the reason?

The reason is; restlessness is like enormous power within us; it has no direction. It's uneasy but does not lead! It's annoying but does not help to take action. It's exciting but not orchestrate. It shows but does not. It hurts; but not by itself; develop us! restlessness; it is in itself like a fire that has been kept and used for good rather than waiting for it to be missed!

Our restlessness becomes worse when we propose arguments and propaganda that promote, maintain and maintain contradictions and confusion. This is because; when we are trapped in various concepts of morality, ethics, religion, ideology on the one hand; and the real reality that seems to be a dispute; all of our spiritual lives; and maintain everything contrary to our expectations and expectations.

Our restlessness is worsened and transformed into anguish, excitement, anger, frustration, and manifested in useless or excessive suicidal movements or in crime.

We must understand this immunity although possibly beneficial restlessness and getanellize it and guide it, in all areas of personal and social life!

Therefore; Total stress management involving research into meaning, causes, dimensions, effects, systems, support systems and management of STRESS is necessary. It enables us to develop international perspectives, policies, plans and their implementation in all areas such as holistic education, holistic medicine, etc. All this work together with the works of NAMASMARAN; to establish international laws, regulations, regulations, conventions, codes of conduct and conduct; promote individual and international fluorescent; called SWADHARMA.

Let's understand it; in the absence of this; even if we do the best of all; Our stress and restlessness would not thrive!

In other words; restlessness, a mystery and the main cause of STRESS can only be achieved if we begin to undergo a change of image or unconscious transformation; rather than teaching others; through NAMASMARAN, and share our conviction about Total Stress Management ie. SWADHAMRA; with others.



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