Pull out the biggest causes of stress – Use these 5 methods to feel better

Most Stress Is Interdependent

Some people think that the biggest causes of stress are events that occur to us. When they think about the biggest causes of stress they think about divorce, illness, death of a child or close family, losing work, etc.

There is no doubt that these events are very challenging. The Holmes Rahe Social Readjustment Rating Scale lists them as some of the biggest causes of stress. Why? Because they need to change. Major changes in our lives challenge us to adapt and grow. They are often considered stressed.

But the biggest causes of stress are not really these events. The biggest cause of stress is our response to challenging events in our lives. If we respond to events with negative emotions such as anger, anger, fear, concern and guilty, we have a large amount of unnecessary stress.

Stress studies have confirmed the relationship between emotions and stress. Walter Cannon's investigation at a pioneer position shows that there is a strong relationship between negative emotional states and the fight or response to flow in our body. Hans Selye, another well-known early stress researcher, once said, "It's not stress that kills us, that's our response to it."

When we handle the inevitable changes in our lives there is much more stress. When we respond to recognition, creativity and peace, stress is less. There are many natural stresses that we can use to create more peace and neutralize or reduce stress in our lives. Many of them are free.

Here are 5 strategies for reducing stress quickly

1. Breathe slowly and deeply
When you find yourself in a stress reaction, breathe slowly and deeply. When people are stressed, it tends to take a dose, low breath. However, slow deep breathing resets our biochemistry and breaks the stress process. It is one of the simplest and most powerful stress tests.

2. Use Humor
Find something to laugh about. Humor is priceless. It helps us to see ourselves and our lives in a broader perspective with greater approval. Most people find it impossible to laugh and be angry at the same time.

3. Try to exercise
Moving your body helps you to get center and grounding and eliminate excess stress-responsive hormones. There is no need to pump iron. Simple push ups, good walks or relaxing yoga can help you focus on here and now. When we get grounded in the present day, our fear of the future and the anger of the past automatically falls. This is a great effort on stress. Much of our stress is rooted in our judgments of past and future.

4. Find Your Inner Happiness
Remember that the real source of your happiness is within yourself and not in the external circumstances of your life. The real source of your lasting happiness is never another person, job or owner. Prayer, meditation and even simple forgiveness are effective ways to lose the inner source of happiness you have ever.

5. Search for a positive
Change your point of view and look for a positive one. No matter what happens, ask yourself this simple question. "How can I learn or grow from this situation?"

So do not "surrender" simply because challenging events have occurred in your life. They happen to all of us. How we respond to these events is even more important than what really happens.


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