Crime and alcohol, find missing link

There is a certain relationship between alcohol abuse and crime. Research indicates that people who have been imprisoned for violent crime were more likely to drink a lot before an incident occurred. Whether it is murder committed in the moment at the moment, sexual assault, violence and rash, or domestic violence, many crimes are committed under the influence of alcohol.

Alcohols known for lower inhibitory effects and some individuals, either due to genetic or environmental, show more than the usual aggressive behavior that easily goes into a barbarous act. Some attackers are repentant and consider alcohol sales that are responsible for their guilt.

Although the relationship between alcohol and homeless has been confirmed over and over again, little is known about the victims and their relationship with alcohol. In study 2016, which investigated the role of alcohol in anxious crimes, it came to the conclusion that alcohol was equally responsible for victims of victims. Many might have been specifically targeted because alcohol made them vulnerable and vulnerable.

Investigators also viewed common sociological demographic factors such as age, sex and sex and came as follows:

  • 39.9 percent of victims had positive blood alcohol levels (BAC); 26.2 percent had BAC which was more than or equal to 0.08 percent.
  • Men were twice in danger than women.
  • American Indians / Alaska Natives, Hispanics, and those who had a history of violence in partnership were also at greater risk.

Drinking too much

Alcohol touches intellectual skills and cloud judgment. Whether you are a victim or a perpetrator, it causes a certain imbalance in your brain; Therefore, a good decision can not be made. The noise level could cause one to run into challenging challenges like driving at a fast pace. It can also cause one to become easier and let down their defenders, which they avoid when in a lesser state. You can take a trip from strangers who could be harmful or be careless about their value.

Alcohol and drugs have become the most common causes of imprisonment. A study conducted at the Pew Center on the States revealed that 40 percent of prisoners were under the influence of alcohol when they committed the crime. It was also reported that the likelihood of alcohol consumption would be much more suspected of cruel crimes. Some common crimes when one is under the influence of alcohol is:

  • Homosexuals : Too much drink can drive a person to scare a mate or endure sexual activity. This can leave a perpetual scar on those who suffer and endure relationships forever.
  • Driving Driving : Driving under the influence or DUI is a common component of most automotive accidents in America. Drink numbs the reaction, blurred vision and reduces compatibility.
  • Young Crimes : Children in state-owned enterprises are often taken to court to commit crimes while they are under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • Child Abuse : There is a certain relationship between parents who drink and neglect and abuse their child. Children who grow in such environments are at greater risk of waiting for addiction.
  • Sexual Violence : It has been found that women with high blood alcohol levels are at greater risk of becoming a sexual offender than those who continue to be sober.

Way to recovery

Alcohol consumption has become part of the life of youth. It is important to know the limits and drink responsibility or avoid alcohol completely. If fluid intake passes one, it is important to seek immediate treatment. Apart from causing psychological harm, alcohol consumption (AUD) also places severe strain on various organs of the body. Recovery plans release not only the body of toxins, but also help individuals get better control of life with drugs and other medical activities, such as yoga and meditation.


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