The Ardell Wellness Stress Test Self Assessment

My first book, "High Level Wellness: Alternative to Doctors, Drugs and Diseases" (Rodale, 1977), contained sections on stress. There was a short stress test or self-assessment. Almost 35 years have elapsed since I wrote this and thought to recommend it to interpret it. The exercise was intended to indicate a number of factors that may be potential stressors. Too many stress factors that did not work well can cause health and other problems, ranging from misery to destruction. My stressor, self-assessment tool, is a self-assessment report designed for personal insight. Of course, it is not a technical test. Unlike verification, it is not validated against criterion or otherwise in accordance with standards of scientific concern.

Many books have been written about the phenomenon of stress. It is a popular concept in our culture and receives great attention in diverse health protection programs. Among humans are the main personal differences in how people respond and control stress at different times under different circumstances. What emphasizes you may be happy and vice versa. People appreciate and also suffer from stress in their lives. Every test that draws attention and then helps less suffering and develops seems good.

My little ease of stress test is a conscious, self-esteeming satisfaction survey. I want to assist readers in establishing or improving their mentality and lifestyle. To do that, it helps to assess a number of important ways of life. I want everyone to enjoy stress as much as possible. Stress can be serious when it is present. Anyone who works with a person in a wellness field can take into account self-assessment and interpretation provided as aids, useful for exploring issues and concerns in greater depth toward positive conclusions.

The old health pressure in Ardell Wellness 1977 is still popular today, especially in campus centers and health centers. In addition, I still get requests for permission to reproduce the exam in brochures and brochures. It seems like the time for updating. What are the chances that events and conditions of 70 people are still focusing on people today? However, I should admit that most of the factors listed are general, not dated in times (eg job and career focus). Thus, most of the original tests still have to take place, especially after a small relationship to take into account that I have learned something or two between the decades. At least I think I know more about the actual well-being in 2011 than I did in 1976 when I wrote "High Level Wellness". This fact in itself offered this update.

"Ardell Wellness Stress Test" now and now includes physical, mental, emotional, "mental" (ie meaning and purpose) and social aspects of health. This is one reason many users report finding the test useful – it offers a balanced assessment of diverse stress sources. In this updated version, I think that's broad. I also keep the scanning system. I recommend that you print this test to allow markup answers or a number of ratings for each 25 content. As in the original version, I offer a six-point scale, plus a neutral selection that does not indicate a positive or negative release associated with the item.

Here is a rating scale to handle as you read and consider each part of the 25 questionnaire. Simply rate your satisfaction in degrees positive or negative for each item.

* Enter "+3" if your situation, it's your pleasure how your life is about the category listed is "overwhelming for instability" – as good or positive as it does could be expected or hoped for.

* Enter "+2" if your satisfactory level in the category is "very happy to be happy with it."

* Enter "+1" if your satisfaction is "OK to be pleasantly pleasing."

* Enter "0" if your most accurate understanding is "not sure" of "no problem".

* Enter "-1" if the most accurate answer appears to be "mildly disappointed" to "not completely correct".

* Enter "-2" if the best answer is "very disappointed" to "completely unhappy about this."

* Enter "-3" if your feeling about this issue is "I'm on my way to nowhere" to "I think I'll cross a rock."

With this score system, enter the numbers on the left of each engagement about how much positive or negative stress it causes. When you have finished all 25, please add your rating and read my assessment of your stress. After that, of course, a lot of thinking about lifestyle / lifestyle, no matter how high (good) or low (time to restructure) your level of risk assessment might be.

_____ 1. Selecting a profession or career

_____ 2. Current job or capacity to fulfill a residence

_____ 3. Marriage or social status

_____ 4. Primary relationship (family and best friends) [19659002] _____ 5. Ability to have fun and the amount of time you experience on a regular basis

_____ 6. The amount of recent cases when you felt exposed, filled with "life is good"

_____ 7 Finance and future outlook.

_____ 8. Sin of who you are and how evolves (self-confidence and self-confidence).

_____ 9. Understanding and purpose in life (contains "spiritual")

_____ 10.

_____ 11. Prospects for affecting those who know you and possibly others.

_____ 12. Sex

_____ 13. Body, How It Looks And Exhibitions

_____ 14. World Life, Including Stage of Interest and Desires [19659002] _____ 15. Life Skills and Education – Knowledge of issues and facts that are not related to your jobs or professions

_____ 16. Ability to address changes, crises, shocks and all kinds of unexpected situations

_____ 17. Nutrition, Attitudes and Consumption

_____ 18. Ability to recovering from disappointment, pain and tragedy

_____ 19. Possibilities

_____ 20. Different Interests and Balances in Your Life

_____ 21. Sense that life for you is rising, getting better and fuller all the time [19659002] _____ 22. Participation in Issues and Concerns Without Relevant Interests

_____ 23. Parental and Style Choices / Principles of Children's Guidelines

_____ 24. Role of Network, Relatives, and / or Other ra

_____ 25. Emotional acknowledgment of the invincible reality of aging, decline and death

Please add the plus number and s allocate minus numbers. Write the whole in this space: ______

Ardell Wellness Stress Test Interpretation

+ 60 to + 75 – You are in a very good place as a whole and are unlawful to be severely bothered by stressfulness in a steady way. You have great positive aspects of your life, but more than some stress management techniques (such as deep breathing, meditation, etc.) will make you immune to the harmful effects of negative emotions in dealing with what life serves. There are few challenges that are likely to relieve you of the continued sense of further well-being as long as your level of satisfaction is as high as stated in this assessment.

+ 36 to + 59 – You are good, much better than most. You should find information about the wellness term attractive and consistent with your movement towards successful and healthy life. You already have great equipment to handle creative and effective events and situations. Additional payments should come easy for you. All good wishes to continue while learning new skills, especially in the field of thinking, experience of exciting living, physical fitness and increased personal freedom and choice.

+ 20 to +35 – You have well-founded gratitude for the importance of lifestyle that affects the quality of your life. You know the value of personal responsibility, support environment and cumulative positive impact of small changes over time. In the coming months, invest more energy in learning ways to strengthen specific areas. You can increase your satisfaction while reducing your stress.

0 to 19 – You can clearly make good investments in learning ways to reduce stress and increase satisfaction. A frustration of a negative situation could cause emotional shocks. Take steps now to avoid slowing progress towards a good living and automation facility.

-18 to -37 – Stress in the everyday nature that interferes with a good living seems to be a problem – and it shines your attention. Stress of consistent negative nature in life will impair the interest in choosing wisely and maintaining the energy needed for good health and fun life. You are the applicant for advice. You are either too pessimistic or have serious problems in dealing with stress.

-38 to -75 – Oh my goodness. What are you doing to live? Are you the leader of North Korea Kim Jong Il, the verdict of the dictatorship? Something, a lot of things, must be done to relieve stress, to eliminate a lot of stress strain from your life. Let's look on the bright side for a while – you're still alive, managed to complete the exam without suffering from a heart attack and you probably have more or less humor. But seriously, if you are truly as stressed and this little consciousness set of questions would indicate, it's time to chat with ease. I recommend starting now to take care of yourself with more love.

The easiest way to deal with negative stress is to prevent it from being in the first place. Among the safest ways to do it is to find many ways to enjoy life daily. It also helps to find work as challenges and lets you express your talents. In addition, you will find a cause or project or two that adds an additional meaning. Service to others is also a proven way to improve your own situation. Everything that enlightens and encourages has a tendency to reduce anxiety, stress and fear. Do all you can to increase your experience of little joy and pleasure. There are many ways to increase happiness. Few have offered a better, better formula than Robert Green Ingersoll (1833 – 1899), the great 19th century writer of golden age freedom. Ingersoll believed happiness was a great value. Many today know his word about this topic: "The place to be happy is here, the time to be happy is now and the way to be happy is to do others so."

Thanks for taking the self-assessment test. All the best wishes. Be fine


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