Stress Hits 3 Months after tragedy, change or injury

Think about everything that has happened in the world in recent years: 9/11 and thousands who lose their lives, terrorists who live and breathe away freedom, hurricanes who have completely taken on the basis of several states, mud slides as have drought homes, floods that have killed and destroyed earthquakes that have swallowed the entire city, riots and gunmen who have terrorist people, the war that treats us every day and the list continues. Hundreds of thousands of people have been introduced and have been forced to move elsewhere to continue their lives and millions are dealing with a stricter world.

As someone who has lived through a few crises & # 39; such as having a child 28 weeks after being in the hospital for 4 weeks upside down, living in NYC on 9/11, losing my business as a result and 2 moving from the state for the past 5 years, i know little about surviving trauma and deal with stress.

It's hard. It shakes you into your core, but it can be done.

Here's what to expect: I've guessed it can take up to 3 months for the shock to really turn off and stress to hit. It hurts you as a sense of violence, and then your nerves begin to take over and then POW. Full blown expansion.

I remember when the people in Oklahoma were on the television advice of NYC residents after 9/11. They said they were not worried about them immediately after, but up to a year later. I remember hearing it and did not know exactly what it meant. Then I lived through it. Christmas immediately after 9/11 was the worst in history of all I knew. After talking with my friends in NY, everyone admitted to being with family for the holiday season was full of anger, fights and loses time limits. Everyone seemed happy to return to their own nest after the holidays. I remember that too. My sister and I had the biggest blowout in our lives. My parents had to communicate and I remember saying something I said.

The stress strikes the families. Parents fight, and the children suffer. The kids bring it to school and it affects others. Because we are all connected in some way, it all strikes in some capacity.

First of all, admit that everyone is going through their own trauma. Explain to anyone who has gone through something hard that it will happen. Be careful not to be warned.

Next, encourage those who have gone through a change to seek advice. If it's from a friend, a professional, a priest or a rabbi, anybody, get help. It helps to talk about what has happened. When one can say the words aloud, hope can be created. The worst thing is to try to handle stress and pressure internally. THIS is how people click! They make stress build and then they POP. It's natural. Think about a balloon. It can only handle so much air until it breaks. People are the same.

A difficult exercise should be a part of every day. Preventing aggression by running, walking, lifting weights or laying a bag is a very medical thing to do.

And most importantly, spiritual support is the most important. We know that God understands our fears, pain and pain. When it's too much for us to deal with it, read the scriptures that can give us great comfort and care about God. Release it and believe that he is working. He can give us ideas that can help solve our problems. He can lead people into our paths that can help us with our needs and even think of us when our brain seems to be frozen.

Our world is in a boiling pot now. Relationships of people and lives are at risk of overcoming. It's time to reach others if you're blessed with comfort and peace now.

All you have to do is ask your neighbors, "how are you doing?" If you do that to the people you see, you will find people who are in need. Then God can start a good job through you.


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