Reduce stress by learning how to leave

Here are some good reasons why answering tasks helps to reduce stress:

1 – Family members help to support and develop independence among the children.

2 – Delegating helps to promote and develop skills, skills and initiative of colleagues.

3 – Delegating means you trust others and give them confidence.

4 – Delegating allows you to work with others and it helps to develop social activities.

5 – Delegating means simplifying your life and emphasizing what matters.

How can you reduce stress by implementing? Here's how:

1 – Transfer warranty. Children and colleagues usually respond positively when they are responsible. It is important for you to remember not to prescribe every step in detail. For example, if you send your child a purchase, give him or her a list that allows you to make decisions ("your favorite sausage", "good piece of fruit"). If you are not completely satisfied with the child's choice, do not say anything. Also give your child a room to use a guarantee ("Do not spend more than $ 10").

2 – Mission challenges. Do not include the thought "I have to get rid of this unprofitable project." Instead, emphasize the attractive aspects of the job. In a review about a shopping show, this could be "I'm interested in seeing if you can take advantage of the deals."

3 – Delegate larger responsibilities with temporary goals. It is highly worthwhile to include medium and long term liability. Allow enough time and check regularly to ensure that the other person is not overworked. For example, you need to organize a briefcase for shorts and the time required for the job has been scheduled for six days. On the second day, check if your colleague has finished a third. If not, encourage him or her. It's not a good idea to wait until the 6th day to check if everything is over.

4 – Representative in your personal life. The time you spend at home is valuable – staying with your partner, your children, friends, physical fitness, self-esteem, meditation and many other actions are priceless. Instead, you spend a lot of time off your household purchases, housework, cleaning and repairs.

Have items delivered. There is an increasing number of books, both traditional and online, which carry books directly to your house. You can place orders by phone or fax, email or online. If you have delivered your newspaper why, you do not get the bread too? Ask around or check the yellow pages to find out if there is a breakfast service in the area. This will save you time and effort from doing special trips in the bakery.

There are now mail companies for almost everything – office supplies, clothing, furniture, wine. If no one is at home during the day and you do not have a neighbor who can take delivery, please have your purchase delivered to your workplace.


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