20 Remedies for stress

Stress has recently been called "Diseases of the Century" and it affects more and more people every day. Stress has 4 symptoms:

– Cognitive: Memory, Anxiety, Focus

– Physical: Headache, Handshake, Nausea

– Emotional: Excitement, Depression, Loneliness

– Behavior: Isolation from Society, use of alcohol, cigarettes and even medicines to relax, nervousness

But there are 20 simple steps that can help you reduce stress in your life:

1. Always plan ahead reduces the risk of unforeseen development problems

2. Do "do" list, it helps you plan your day setting your priorities

3. Complete your assignments on time, do not complete an unfinished company

4. Take a regular break, it helps you relax your mind

5. Take a regular holiday

6. Try to recognize what you can not change and focus on those you can, it's a waste of time and energy that tries to make the world spinning on the other side

7. Always try to have an optimistic attitude, a negative attitude will increase your stress level even higher

8. Try to reduce exposure to things that prevent you, avoid situations or events that could change your mood in a negative way. On the other hand, try to make things that save you, things you like and you like to do.

9. Keep your humor

10. Try to express anger in a constructive manner

11. Exercise every day and at least 20 minutes

12. Get the anti stress ball

13. Hold your breath and breathe deeply

14. Learn How You Know Your Stress Symptoms

15. Learn what causes you stress

16. Notice all the symptoms of stress

17. Have a regular diet with all food categories

18. Try Meditation

19. Keep all noise at a lower level

and rule no. 20 is more advisable – Always remember this: No one said at the death of his bed: "I wish I had spent more time in the office!"


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