Self-sufficiency: What are you grateful for?

Last week I had my two sons with me for a few days. Each of them went home many years ago and have established their homes and families since then. Due to time requirements and distance, we can not see each other very often so that we really use the time when we can be together.

This week, I reminded me to be grateful that Rob, Mark and I shared so many things:

1. History – Although it is the age of six years between the boys, we all have some common memories of the past. Often one or two words will remind us of something or someone and our minds are immediately taken to a place or event. Everybody knows all the information from back then so we do not need to make any explanation. Communication is easy!

2. Interest – When Mark was only six years old, he became a journalist in his brother's "empire". The two began to curl next year and were in the same rink until three years since Mark moved to Medicine Hat. They were also at the same ball team for many years. They both encourage Riders and are desirable sports fans so that all conversations between them usually include the latest levels and timetables.

3. Values ​​- Rob and Mark work hard and treat people with kindness and respect. They share the same spiritual faith and are devoted to family members. They observe the Golden Rule of "Do to others, you should do them to you".

4. Goal – Both of my sons try to make the world better, not just for themselves but for others. They know the importance of continuing to continue, updating their own learning at regular intervals and supporting their children in their studies. Rob and Mark are committed to healthy goals that include enhancing their carers, maintaining their health and supporting each other.

5. Relationships – We all have the same family, of course, and we have also built up many common friends over the years. Caring and sharing information about their lives is an important bond that combines us as well.

6. Fun – Even though we all work together, we've also learned to play hard. Sometimes it implies to entice each other in a healthy manner or share a good joke. It also means we can enjoy things like swimming, encouraging next generation or sharing new ideas. This summer, everyone went to East Saskatchewan for his wedding brother and two weeks returned to my sister's funeral. Even if it was sad, we also had a lot of laughs and enjoyed visiting other friends and relatives.

What I'm most grateful is that Rob and Mark love each other and love me very much. They are always very respectful and interested in ensuring that my needs are met. This could involve building a new website for my business, ensuring that the air conditioner is stuck in my apartment or that I'm taking care of your health.

I'm so grateful that my sons have grown up to be such good people and I can have the opportunity to join them.


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