Replace addiction: No drug, no film

Have you ever walked or along the river? Perhaps you have walked over smooth rocks or small pebbles and imagine the great river as it flows there?

As you walk, you could see signs of how the water turned one way straight out of the landscape and anytime, how it could easily occupy the same space again. The new landscape, which a great lake had once created, is still perfect for another powerful body of water to flow through empty channels. All it takes is a little rain storm or water flow and the new river will rise again. The same description can be made of the landscape of addiction that leaves the soul on the psyche and creates great challenges for addiction.

That's what fighting addiction is like when you think you could get rid of your addiction, you suddenly find yourself anything but wholly. Another water mass starts to flow through that river.

How could this be? Well, let's take a step and talk briefly about addiction in general.

What is addiction?

Addiction is a chronic disease that leads to obsession, despite detrimental effects on the user. It can often change chemistry – or landscape – the brain. Remember, when we're talking about drugs, alcohol, gender addiction – or something else in that sense, no one determines our particular ability to be addicted. Rather, there is a risk of addiction to various factors, including biological, social and environmental factors, to name a few.

Even if you broke your addiction, these risk factors are still there – and now you have a ready-made landscape to handle it!

Was I born this way?

According to the research institute, scientists believe that genetics has a 60% role in addiction, which further supports it even though we can break the habit somewhere, another habit can be easily formed.

When we eventually close our special drugs (eg drugs), we often find that our brain is "molded" or "hard-wired" to become addicted to something else-to anything else. As we wipe up this addiction and walk along the dry river bank, we are very susceptible to new addiction to rise – our country's charm almost always determines.

This "disabling addiction" in addictions is very common and can lead to further health, social and family problems and must be monitored when you try to break the first addiction.

So, what should we do?

Well, the first thing is that we must understand that our addiction will leave the bay or channel afterwards. If we understand, we can prepare it. Secondly, we need to fill "Riverbed" with healthy lifestyle changes. Perhaps you are trying to break a cigarette routine. Walking, exercising or energizing hobbies that increase your serotonin levels can help you too.

Replace this addiction or fill in invalid with healthier activities that will soon become a healthy habit, such as exercise, art and music, are important to your recovery. Whatever you choose, you want to indulge all five senses in a healthy way so that you can fully fill the river with solid materials and something positive.

We also need to emphasize our stress. When we get stressed or frustrated we will often come back to what we know. Busting or communicating with old friends who annoy us can cause us to catch that beer or have that cigarette. Avoid stressful situations and corrosive friendships.

A healthy lifestyle may not have to be in the future with new healthy friendships and support for addiction.


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