How luck improves self-esteem

What you appreciate will do well, what you have no value will suffer. Look at your current position in life, do you feel valuable? The easiest way to answer is, are you doing well or suffering? If you do this, this article can help build it and if you are suffering, this article will give you a point of view.

I was fortunate to travel a lot in the twentieth century. I have been in almost all major countries of the world. It was my first visit to Asia that I discovered something that changed me forever.

I was in Thailand; It was a year's anniversary of the student's rebellion. Most westerners have never heard of it, it was similar to Tiannain Square in China, but in Thailand they killed more. The country was pretty excited, I took a bus to the resort and they banded us, took a ticket to the police and traveled for the buses and when we started, they saw the table to make sure we were all alive. The popular thing at that time was to kill you, stuff your body with drugs and send you home. Someone there would steal the body and apply the medicine. It's not like this anymore or so I've heard.

I was rather nervous about all these kinds of things. Even though I had spent most of my life in martial arts and had several conversations before I was on my toes for trouble.

I looked at one of the many temples in the city and took the bus back to my hotel. I accidentally went too early and at the time I figured it seemed easier to walk along the way. I did not know until I landed on the river, I was divided as I thought I was. I took a moment to look around and found out that I was in a hurry, so much to "keep my toes".

I turned and headed back to the highway with all the haste. I was walking on a table where all the booths were above the mud houses. The government shook as I walked and it was late. As I walked towards the highway, I heard a lot more boards crying and some muffled voices. My thoughts go through my mind in times that I will never forget.

I knew I would not be able to fight my way out of this area. I was looking around some kind of weapon where cracks and voices came close. All of a sudden I was surrounded and I mean surrounded by children. Remaining children, I would have paid a lot of money to see my face at the moment. The children where everyone is happy and say, "Hi Joe, Hi Joe."

I would say hi back and it would send them in a wild laughter. They were not there to hurt me, they just wanted to play. Just normal, average children. I thought how the shoes I used to cost me more than many of these children would see for 10-15 years! Yet they were so happy and we ran around the buildings to chase each other and like to play the tag.

I moved along and they went back into the maze of buildings that went away. I came back to the hotel and just sat and thought about what had happened. These children had nothing, I really mean nothing and probably would never have much. Yet they were happy. It really made me think how lucky I had and thank what I have in my life. I urge you to do the same.


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