When you are upset, smoke, sad, frustrated, depressed, losing, desperate, rejected, lost, cheated, hurt, irritated or sensitive, you turn to chocolate, alcohol, coffee, sex, food, cigarettes, medicine, work , content, shopping, gambling, risk management, hurt yourself, emotional rash, feast, remove yourself, emotional withdrawal, abuse of oneself, abuse of others for relief, comfort, forgetfulness, remembering, fading, stimulating and regret them?

All of us have physical and emotional addiction in some way inside us. As we look at all our lives, we can see what this is. They play out in our lives, over and over again. They literally play out there for us. Our life is to play out of what is stored in the subconscious of our past experience.

William Glasser MD, in the book Positive Addictions, states: "Very few of us realize how much we choose misery in our lives. Do you want to strengthen your choice."

Have you ever wondered if there is a way out? Is out of a cruel cycle:

  • I … when …
  • Oh, I did it again!
  • I will never be able to …

You choose who you are, mostly unconsciously. You may choose to be different. It's important to be aware about what's happening. Here are the steps of the Addiction Cycle:


The focus of life begins to be based on my chosen substitution: food, fluid, drug, etc. I feel good because stress is relieved. I have, sometimes literally, anointed me, and sometimes I have calmed a desire.


But I feel terrible because I've only eaten tons (falling from the cart, thrown out of my mind, etc.). I struck myself until I convinced I have take it.


I see what happened. It will never happen again. I have an application. I have it right now. I'm going to do better, I'm actually perfect.


And then stress begins to build again. I miss my addiction. I miss the temporary hair that gives me. I miss relief. I stopped thinking straight. The focus is reduced. If I can get one hit, just once. Just this once. Please please.


This is when we take all excuses to omit our plan, our plan. We take up a lot of excuses (nothing sensible) to make an exception.

You've been so good. One cigarette will not hurt.

See, today was a particularly difficult day. I need to have a joint.

Maybe, instead of giving up alcohol, I can only get one drink a day.

I have managed to drink one drink a day, no harm in making two drinks.

I've been able to quit for 3 weeks, (3 days, 3 hours), I can stop anytime.

One pizza will not hurt.

I'm not actually an addict.

I can give up anytime.

I will not put money on the table, I'll just watch other gambling. I'll go in for a little.


I cover the subjects I choose: food, pharynx, medicine, etc. I feel good because stress is light. I have, sometimes literally, anointed me, and sometimes I have calmed a desire.

While I'm talking about content, this cycle applies equally to physical violence (both perpetrator and victim), sexual violence, emotional violence, and the like.

It seems that this cycle is impossible to break out of. Still, that's the way. There is a danger door. This door is in a "optimization" level. At this stage

1. You notice that there is irrational stress and reasoning.

2. You see where it's on the way.

3. You run out of your mind and say no to the addict inside you (as you want a four-year-old who demanded a bottle of charcoal, throw a terrible tantrums until he / she did not care.) here. You simply do not give emotional, unruly sides to you who are screaming, yelling, throwing tantrums.

4. You reward yourself differently.

Remember there is always a way out.

There is a lot of help available out there to deal with addiction. There are twelve-step programs: Anonymous Anonymous, Anonymous Anonymous, Anonymous Anonymous, Anonymous Gamblers, Anonymous Anonymous, Anonymous Anonymous Anonymous, Sex and Love Addicts … If you want one by one, your options are Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy, Counseling. There are also advisory services for free calls, such as lifeline. If you are a suspect of abuse and wish you, call the government or police.


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