Do you know subtle symbols about video addiction?

Most people make video games of drugs as unequivocal children or immature adults who do not seem to have lived in life. The image of people who have video games addiction is always grotesque or sloppy one. But is it really the case all the time?

There are times when video game seekers have no direct symptoms of addictions right away. Here are some signs that your child, family or friend is at the beginning of a game addiction:

Begins to say no to you, almost always. You ask your friend for dinner or a movie and almost always say he has other plans. But does not involve another friend or family, and in the end you usually only find that he or she was just home in his room all the time. And it's happening more than usual.

HERE WILL NOT DO. And when you have time with your friend, he suddenly gets rid of general things that your friend or family usually does not care about. You must notice that he is a little nervous when he is around people.

LYING starts. When you ask your child or friend what is in your life or work. He begins to lie about it. Says everything is ok, and changes the debate with something else too often. He avoids confrontation at all costs and would rather not talk about any of his activities to anyone, not even near loved ones – like a wife or a companion.

BROWN PENINS OR STEALS. It will also be when your friend starts asking if he could borrow money for you for no real, clear reason. Or your child receives money from your money box without asking. That means he is feeding some kind of addiction that you are not aware of yet.

HE MENTIONS COMPUTER GAMES A Lot. Your friend starts telling you stories about a new game he found and that he absolutely loves to play it. And all that he starts to open about games a lot. And began to invite you to play … A true symbol of video game addiction surrounded just around the corner for your friend …

So before it gets out of control, be persistent if your friend really matters to you. Even if he says no and even if he gets angry. Help him stop getting video games addiction before it gets blown.


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