Prescription Drug Addiction is not "Incurable Brain Disease & # 39;

If you or someone you love suffering from drugs or addiction, you need to know that it is not "immune brain disease". Countless thousands of people recover their health and succeed without pharmaceutical companies every year, whether their problems are alcoholism, drug addiction, or latest sweating in America, prescription drugs.

Only those who are financially interested in making people addicted to some kind of drug, rather than achieving actual recovery, could potentially subscribe to "untreated brain disease" and # 39; theory of addiction. Investigations to prove that addiction is incurable is usually paid by Big Pharma, looking for ways to sell more drugs and with psychiatric government grants. They refuse to recognize the recovery from addiction that takes place in the real world daily.

Changes in biochemistry occur when we take alcohol or drugs but it does not determine the brain's immune syndrome & # 39; more than those that occur when we eat chocolate, watch a movie, smell a skunk or remember an affair. When people do almost everything, or think about almost everything, biochemical changes occur. That's how the brain and the body work – we're physically at least busy biochemical works with an inseparable complexity.

Check out these facts:

Drugs and alcohol do not affect any brain in the same way.

Very much influences they vary from person to person.

Although many people try the same stuff, only a few dependents.

No two individuals respond exactly the same way to the same mental or physical exertion. This is just as effective for drugs and for drug addicts, such as when wasting a bowl of our favorite ice cream or watching Tiger Woods finesse 30-yard, anticotting putt. It's all input, and response to and communication in our own ways.

No changes at the moment to the brain's brain or brain function, no matter what causes them, has always led to remedies for anything. Therefore, stroke experts say it must be incurable. Throughout the years, brain activity and learning chemistry in the brain, they know less about addiction that is useful than a negligent mechanic knows about your car. At least you can join the family team when it stops working.

And do not forget that hundreds of clinical trials on drugs would treat brain disease and # 39; or & # 39; brain disorders & # 39; like depression, have all been shown locally to achieve even or even better results than brain drugs. And it's without a laundry list of dangerous and even deadly side effects of the drug.

It can be genetic or metabolic factors for ease and speed that some become physically dependent on the drug. But again, this does not indicate any neurological, genetic, metabolic or other physically resistant brain diseases. Whether it's alcoholism, cracking, heroin or methadone addiction, or any prescription drug, there are plenty of clues to show that addiction is actually a curative condition. Thousands of former addicts who now have a healthy and substantive testimony of the fact.

The most common failure of the most common drug and rehabilitation programs is not because addiction is an uncontrolled brain disease "Rampant rehab failure exists due to lousy detox protocols and a lousy, too short rehab program.

Treatment plans treated with medical discontinued based on individual patient, health and personal needs, are regularly effective. This is the opposite of ubiquitous, unreliable, simple environments-all detox programs that fail to properly set up a drug rehab. [19659002] There are usually 30 days of program changes across the country being judged at an awesome rate, because they are too basic and too short. This has led many to consider real recovery impossible dream. But research has absolutely proven that serious addiction, including prescription drugs, requires at least at least 90 days – and twice the time being.

The personal regression and follow-up plan for a long time in rehab will cover two very important things: it will give you your life again and prove you're not suffering of unacceptable brain disease.


Top 3 ways to get help for addiction

Addiction develops because users need to escape from different uncertainties that improve their lives. Drugs, alcohol and pornography usually offer this service, so they must abuse – mostly in a harmful sense. Because the high levels of intake and indulgence of these substances and substances have a negative physiological and psychological effect, addicts will be given addiction quickly, here are three ways.

Understanding of Addiction

Addiction as defined is a strong constraint of an individual to inhibit content or perform activities that involve different risk factors. It often stems from efforts to eliminate dissatisfaction, forget about problems and deal with stress from work or school or at home. Of course, there are also a number of factors, such as equilibrium pressure and genetic engineering, but rarely have real effects.

By understanding your addiction, most of the issues that you want to boast over the topology in substance or self-harm activity. Once these bugs are open, you can, along with your advice, easily find ways to fight them. Cutting causes of addiction in their roots greatly helps in the recovery of addiction.

Drug Abuse

More types of addiction require different types of treatment. But one thing may be that treatment centers cater to all the needs of the individual to recover from their own devils. Addiction recovery facilities use various methods like; counseling, psychiatric treatment, hypnosis, other actions and self-esteem.

However, drug authorities require pretreatment in the form of detoxification. This process shrinks the body of all the alcohol and drug toxins that leave both the body and mind capable of achieving world position or stability. When this is done, rehabilitation or counseling may occur.

After treatment

After receiving addiction, and finally graduating from a treatment facility, you are thrown back to the old world with the same temptation and temptation. To maintain control over the urgency is the preparation key. Preparation comes in double; Always be aware of different suggestions and have a support network of responsibly and positively influenced people.

Addiction is a complex psychological and physiological disease that covers the individual's need to escape the real world. Accordingly; understand your addiction, take appropriate treatment and prepare for life after treatment, there are three ways to get help with addiction.


What everyone needs to know about getting help for addiction

Drugs and alcohol is a complicated condition that has many underlying factors. While this is important, it's important that it is more adapted to get the addiction treated as quickly as possible to reduce its very negative impact. If you have other thoughts on treatment, here's what you, and everyone should know about getting help for addiction.

Getting help for addiction is not as difficult as everyone thinks. What does it actually mean to prevent air from being addicted to the addict? & # 39; preparedness or unprepared treatment. What happens often is that addicts deny the disease, which makes them dangerously self-confident with the whole idea of ​​recovery. But when they eventually decide to cope with their addiction, they will realize how easy their help will be.

There are many aids that addicts can use. Among the top examples are Anonymous Narcotics and Anonymous Alcoholics, who have been able to help in a variety of ways. Companies like these primarily provide advice, especially after achieving physical and mental stability with detoxification. During the preliminary period, they can provide assistance in formulating the recovery plan, especially by detoxification, formal treatment and post-treatment.

Part restore that indicates danger is detoxification because this is where withdrawal symptoms are surface. These symptoms are from very unpleasant life-threatening. Extensive knowledge of the process by itself and the different methods in which your treatment equipment is handled can prove very rewarding. Take your knowledge of these consequences by using the empire or by interviewing someone who has already gone through one or two such programs.

A diverse formal drug treatment center works around the country and there may be some in your area. Because these centers employ different methods, it's important that you have sufficient knowledge about them, as the words say, "The best consumer is an educated consumer." Choose the center that fits your description of recovery addiction, and especially your budget.

Stepping out of treatment centers brings you back to the world filled with anxiety and frustration. To overcome this, you need to continue treatment and contact a consultant. It can also be rewarding to inject yourself into plans to reach others, to help other recovered addicts be on their way to recovery.

To get help with drugs and drugs as soon as possible, cause further harm to your health and those around you. Start your recovery by completely turning your addiction to find appropriate treatment.


The truth about support groups with addiction

Harmful substances contain in all alcoholic beverages make life addicts miserable. They suffer from both physical and mental problems that require treatment. Handling physical damage allows you to choose detoxification, medication or sleeping medicine. However, when it comes to mental damage, it needs more than treatment, counseling and support. Connecting one of the many support groups can solve this issue.

Before you go out and connect you, you should know the truth. First, there is no guarantee that you can recover from addiction, especially if you do not have enough willpower and determination. In addition, you should not rely on drug addiction alone, because you need to look for treatment or consult your doctor about the right medicine.

On the other hand, the addiction system can offer many benefits. If you do not like compromise, you can hide your character from participating in support groups. But of course you can still get all the important help you need. In addiction, you can interact with other alcoholics who could only fight your experience. In difficult or difficult times, you can seek comfort from someone you meet in the support team to encourage or inform you.

The most acceptable aspect of downloading a support team for addiction is free. It is worth mentioning that there is no money to discuss because other treatments such as detoxification or to go through the alcohol rehab centers are very expensive.

Alcohol recovery by combining drug support can be possible when you have the right treatment show with infinite support from your family and friends. If you have moderate drinking, there is a possibility even if you do not have other treatments such as detoxification or going to alcohol stations.

When you get the support you wanted from reliable support groups, you can take away all your concerns from your shoulders. You can talk to your other alcoholics about your suffering and you have your family that you can talk about about this issue. Sometimes breaking the chain of addiction is very difficult, but you can do it as long as you get the support you need, emotionally, physically and even spiritually.

All in all, the support team is great for those alcoholics and drugs who do not want to know where to turn to ask for help in overcoming alcoholism. This is not intended to help addicts to achieve openness, it is also intended to provide information and support for family members, loved ones, friends and others who have an impact on having a family or friend who is alcoholic.


Train yourself with the medication

One of the most important decisions you'll make during your lifetime is choosing drug use for you or one of your loved ones. Only a few of us know the most important drug treatment center for you because they are not all the same, you want quality and trust. You will find that each drug treatment plan or center will have its own cost, cost, effectiveness.

Let's look at it. One of the perpetual social problems facing the world now is drug addiction. It seems that we lose every one of our people, especially adolescents, to metabolism that permanently destroys life, damaging the future and damaging our economy. Yet with this problem, the endless search for the possible – and best form of cure or prevention for such certification. Thus we are now introduced what is known as medication.

Although drug addiction such as opium has been commonplace in historical times, the problem has recently been worsened. This is primarily due to the cultivation of narcotic drugs, advances in biochemistry and improvements in drug access. The introduction of purified forms of active biological substances and the synthesis of new substances, such as methamphetamine, have made drugs more widespread. Clinically, drugs have been replaced by drug assurance.

Various treatments:

Treatment of alcohol consumption is quite diverse according to many aspects of the self. Advisers approaching the disease as a disease will recommend different treatment processes and goals than, for example, those approaching the situation as a social choice. Most treatments are focused on assisting abusers to discontinue their alcohol consumption, as well as providing physical education and / or social support to help them withstand alcohol abuse. Since alcohol consumption involves many factors that encourage a person to continue to drink (psychological / social, physical and mineral), all of these factors need to be addressed in order to prevent restart of active alcohol consumption.

Drug treatment usually involves measures to help you reduce drug use, follow-up counseling and attend self-help groups to help you resist using your addictive drug. Drug treatment for people who abuse drugs but are not yet dependent on them are mostly behavioral therapy, such as psychiatric drugs, counseling, support groups or family treatment. Drug drug treatment often involves a combination of behavioral treatment and medication.

It can be noted that not all individuals are as sensitive to addiction. Some individuals are psychologically or genetically rather for drugs. Again, some types of drugs get better off certain types of individuals easier. Similarly, the treatment method and the method of recovery from addiction are broadly based on types of drugs, drug volume, drug dependency, medical complications and social needs of the patient.

The Only Solution:

Here are the most common treatment options for alcohol consumption: Detoxification is a method of eliminating alcohol consumption and giving the body physical time to adapt to alcohol consumption. Drugs that have a similar effect to alcohol are used to reduce withdrawal symptoms, which can actually be fatal in very severe cases if they are untreated. The most common medicines are sedatives, hypnotics, such as diazepam or clonazepam. Rather, barbiturates like phenobarbital are used. Many weeks after alcohol consumption has stopped discontinuing individuals may still suffer from mild withdrawal symptoms; Sleep is usually the last action to return to normal.

Detoxification is not a treatment for alcohol consumption itself, but is simply the treatment of the physiological effects of continued abuse of alcohol. It provides the starting point for the offender to quit drinking in the first place. Detoxification of treatment without additional support for the patient to continue to have a very high rate of backlash. Detoxification often occurs within the outpatient area, but some programs offer outpatient outpatient care.


Do you know subtle symbols about video addiction?

Most people make video games of drugs as unequivocal children or immature adults who do not seem to have lived in life. The image of people who have video games addiction is always grotesque or sloppy one. But is it really the case all the time?

There are times when video game seekers have no direct symptoms of addictions right away. Here are some signs that your child, family or friend is at the beginning of a game addiction:

Begins to say no to you, almost always. You ask your friend for dinner or a movie and almost always say he has other plans. But does not involve another friend or family, and in the end you usually only find that he or she was just home in his room all the time. And it's happening more than usual.

HERE WILL NOT DO. And when you have time with your friend, he suddenly gets rid of general things that your friend or family usually does not care about. You must notice that he is a little nervous when he is around people.

LYING starts. When you ask your child or friend what is in your life or work. He begins to lie about it. Says everything is ok, and changes the debate with something else too often. He avoids confrontation at all costs and would rather not talk about any of his activities to anyone, not even near loved ones – like a wife or a companion.

BROWN PENINS OR STEALS. It will also be when your friend starts asking if he could borrow money for you for no real, clear reason. Or your child receives money from your money box without asking. That means he is feeding some kind of addiction that you are not aware of yet.

HE MENTIONS COMPUTER GAMES A Lot. Your friend starts telling you stories about a new game he found and that he absolutely loves to play it. And all that he starts to open about games a lot. And began to invite you to play … A true symbol of video game addiction surrounded just around the corner for your friend …

So before it gets out of control, be persistent if your friend really matters to you. Even if he says no and even if he gets angry. Help him stop getting video games addiction before it gets blown.


Alcohol addiction

Addiction is a type of constraint behavior. It encourages the drug to continue to repeat habit or behavior without the slightest consequences of consequences.

For most of us, alcohol has come to mean a drink we share with some friends or a party. However, for a lot of people, alcohol is an addictive drug with soothing properties.

A lot of alcohol is consumed every day on a social basis. Moderate drinking is not only pleasing, but research has also shown that it could actually be good for your health.

It is only when the line between medium drink and hard drink becomes unclear that the problem begins. Many men and women consume more alcohol daily than your doctor recommends.

Like all addictive problems, it's hard to find that the problem is for alcohol. They often think that they suffer from depression or high anxiety when they actually stem from their overuse of alcohol.

The result of this failure to distinguish alcohol as the main culprit means that man is unable to get proper treatment and consequently suffers much more than is necessary. Looking for professional treatment is the best way to overcome this addiction.

Delivery of alcohol is one of the most common addictions and is responsible both directly and indirectly for the deaths of many thousands of people each year.

Symptoms of alcohol infection are losing control when you start drinking, mild or severe withdrawal symptoms when you have not consumed alcohol over time, and noticeable changes in the effects of alcohol on you.

Alcohol consumption is almost impossible to conquer one. But before you lose hope, there are some good news – there is plenty of help available! Once you have acknowledged that you have a problem, it will be much easier to handle.

There are plenty of organizations and people to help you. The most famous of this organization is Anonymous Anonymous. Spread all over the world, they have done amazing work in helping alcoholics to kick the habit and live a clean life.


Addiction: Advocate recovery recovery

My name is Jay and I'm an addict. Drugs have controlled my life for many years. They took me dark and lonely.

Addiction is a disease. It's a terminal and incurable. We find ourselves in places where we see no escape. Our addiction takes us away from our soul, our morality and our sense of being.

While we will be addicts for the rest of our lives, when we acknowledge that we have problems and agree that our lives are inaccurate, we can begin to treat the disease. For an addict the thought of surviving the rest of their lives without using drugs again, too excessive for them to fathom.

We have been used for so long, hide us and run from ourselves and our fears.

It's usually not that an addict has hit the bottom before they want to admit they have a problem. The thing about being an addict is that you are always the last one to find out. Your family and friends have known this for many years, but denial is just another weapon that the disease uses to keep you sick.

What does it mean to acknowledge that they have a problem, and just as important does it take for an addict to seek help? When we find that we can not be like this anymore, we will be ready to do what it takes to change. We can not take pain anymore. It is in this that our miracles begin to materialize in our lives. When we spoke these magical words, "I give up," we are now turning our will into a power greater than ourselves. We will soon know new freedom.

Yes, we are still addicts, but we are recovering addicts. We do not focus on being clean for the rest of our lives; We are working to be clean just today. My gratitude speaks when I do not care when I share others in a different way.

It's a wonderful life that awaits us when we find recovery.

Jay's Visit Jays Plan – Secrets of a One Dad

Stop Family Health with Mom Mom


Is addiction inaccurate disease?

Cold addiction what you want – condition, disease or disturbance. I have no issues with these labels. What I'm having is that every Tom, Dick and Harry in the Drugs Committee, who claim that addiction is an "incurable" disease. Rectal cancer is an incurable disease. Addiction is completely curative. I know this to be true, because I'm leaking alcohol and there are millions of others like me.

Why does the Narcotic Committee refer to addiction as an incurable disease? Well, that's good for business. Addiction treatment is a multi-billion dollar industry. Like all other companies involved in millions of dollars, it is interesting for many treatment centers to keep people coming back. At my own time I was in a rehab, I was shocked to learn that many of my intercourse had gained access to rehab hospitals three or more times without success.

The meaning of addiction as an incurable disease also allows one-size use of all approaches to treatment. If every patient feels that he or she suffers from the same incurable diseases, everyone can agree that lifelong apostasy is the only solution. The truth is, people change. While it is true that one drink will cause some alcoholics to get out of control, others can and learn how to manage their drinking. It is because addiction is a disease of your choice. I do not mean to think that every addict chooses to become one. Indeed, almost every addiction is driven by other forces, such as childhood abuse or other forms of abuse that the addict has suffered in the past. Delivery of alcohol or drugs is a more frequent symptom of deeper issues, such as sneezing to a cold virus. When referring to additional disease of your choice, it means that each of us has the power to learn how to control our addiction. Unlike cancer, we can choose our own destiny. We can choose to get better or not.

While my rehab entry was voluntary, I did not use it, at least, and did not intend to repeat the experience. I would learn how to beat addiction or die to try. However, rehab did not mean to be a circular door for me, and I decided to monitor all aspects of treatment. My colleagues and I learned a lot for thirty days. We attended daily group treatment, to study the problems that occurred in our addiction. We were taught the importance of delivering our own will to our will for higher authority. We learned concepts like denial, tenderness, and emotional development. Consultants always remind us that any person, place or situation that could affect our soreness must avoid all costs in the early days of recovery, or recurrence was the result.

So far, so good, I thought. These terms yielded and were useful tools for learning to beat addiction. It was not until our counselor informed us that every addict suffers from an unfavorable disease that I began to ask about the program. He assured us that no addict could ever be cured and that our only hope would be to learn to control the disease. According to the counselor, the response followed to participate in a lifetime of 12 Scores and find a supportive to watch us. We also need to get rid of old drinking customers and never engage in any social gatherings where alcohol was consumed. We were told that once an addict, always an addict. We were simply too weak and vulnerable to protecting ourselves.

I would come back with the idea that we were there to learn how to beat addiction in 30 days or less. Why would either a 30-day newspaper plan designed to teach addicts how to overcome addiction even? The idea of ​​addiction was an incurable disease had never occurred to me. If it had, I would never have devoted a month of my life to a treatment plan, just saying that my disease was incurable. I disagree and expressed my concern. Our consultant responded that the choice was a relapse and an early serious period. He added that my choice was mine and he did not care. A few days later, while he was in group treatment, he announced that my attitude would not contribute to the recovery of the drugs and invited me to pack my suitcase and leave.

I went rehab the same way I had come – still a certain and still addict, but with one thing. Rehab gave me basic knowledge that I had to add addiction without meeting 12 steps or buying into the belief that addiction is an incurable disease. A few weeks later, I discovered a way to add addiction with three simple steps that anyone can learn. Today, I do not have to avoid social gatherings where alcohol is served and can take alcohol or omit it, though I always choose the latter. I am not a recovered alcoholic but former alcohol.

Dan Farish is a drug addict and author

3 STEPS TO RECOVERY – Conflict of One Alcohol of Alcohol and Drugs – A Simple Approach Anyone Can Use to Overcome Addiction

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D love to hear your comments, reviews and suggestions.


Replace addiction: No drug, no film

Have you ever walked or along the river? Perhaps you have walked over smooth rocks or small pebbles and imagine the great river as it flows there?

As you walk, you could see signs of how the water turned one way straight out of the landscape and anytime, how it could easily occupy the same space again. The new landscape, which a great lake had once created, is still perfect for another powerful body of water to flow through empty channels. All it takes is a little rain storm or water flow and the new river will rise again. The same description can be made of the landscape of addiction that leaves the soul on the psyche and creates great challenges for addiction.

That's what fighting addiction is like when you think you could get rid of your addiction, you suddenly find yourself anything but wholly. Another water mass starts to flow through that river.

How could this be? Well, let's take a step and talk briefly about addiction in general.

What is addiction?

Addiction is a chronic disease that leads to obsession, despite detrimental effects on the user. It can often change chemistry – or landscape – the brain. Remember, when we're talking about drugs, alcohol, gender addiction – or something else in that sense, no one determines our particular ability to be addicted. Rather, there is a risk of addiction to various factors, including biological, social and environmental factors, to name a few.

Even if you broke your addiction, these risk factors are still there – and now you have a ready-made landscape to handle it!

Was I born this way?

According to the research institute, scientists believe that genetics has a 60% role in addiction, which further supports it even though we can break the habit somewhere, another habit can be easily formed.

When we eventually close our special drugs (eg drugs), we often find that our brain is "molded" or "hard-wired" to become addicted to something else-to anything else. As we wipe up this addiction and walk along the dry river bank, we are very susceptible to new addiction to rise – our country's charm almost always determines.

This "disabling addiction" in addictions is very common and can lead to further health, social and family problems and must be monitored when you try to break the first addiction.

So, what should we do?

Well, the first thing is that we must understand that our addiction will leave the bay or channel afterwards. If we understand, we can prepare it. Secondly, we need to fill "Riverbed" with healthy lifestyle changes. Perhaps you are trying to break a cigarette routine. Walking, exercising or energizing hobbies that increase your serotonin levels can help you too.

Replace this addiction or fill in invalid with healthier activities that will soon become a healthy habit, such as exercise, art and music, are important to your recovery. Whatever you choose, you want to indulge all five senses in a healthy way so that you can fully fill the river with solid materials and something positive.

We also need to emphasize our stress. When we get stressed or frustrated we will often come back to what we know. Busting or communicating with old friends who annoy us can cause us to catch that beer or have that cigarette. Avoid stressful situations and corrosive friendships.

A healthy lifestyle may not have to be in the future with new healthy friendships and support for addiction.