Teaching Yoga for Stress Management Management – It's a matter of perspective

Yoga is a viable solution to youth work. However, some adults can not understand the nature of anxiety and stress on adolescents. Some will say that "The kids get better than any previous generation." This reminds me of a self-contained statement, "I have your own problem."

Adults often understand concepts such as: barter, workplace, chronic fatigue syndrome and workload. These are conditions that adults recognize as stressors, but let's check only one of them.

Workload is what happens when your employees were terminated in order to optimize the business. After that, executives decide that you must do your job and work of former employees. They also require you to do it all within 40 hours a week.

After you "pull your hair out" to make it impossible for a few weeks, the company allows you to know that you can work unlimited overtime. Now you've found that you'll never be able to track all the work, even if you work 84 hours a week.

So what's the problem? You have to make a lot of money, sacrifice family time and give up your personal life. After all, we have it better than any previous generation, right? I hope you are my team.

Stress is different for all of us. Teenagers may feel like the world is "the cave in" when mum and dad get divorced, peer squeezes out of hand, or final exam comes up. Adults have experienced high stress levels before.

Most of the teenagers will be aware for the first time. This is the reason why Yoga is such a good form of treatment. In fact, it would be wise to expose children to Yoga at an early age. As a result, each child would learn how to treat stress and anxiety at an early age.

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