Take back your life – biology of feeling and stress-free lifestyle

Sources mixed with the river

And the years with the ocean

The winds of the sky blend forever

With a beautiful feeling; Nothing in

The world is one, all of the gospel

In each other is mixed, why not me?

…. Phil Shelley's philosophy

Dr. Hans Selye developed Theory of Relaxation (home pressure in the body and what happens inside the body when it's not within the normals). He called it "Fight or Flight Syndrome." For example, if you were in the wilderness and faced grizzly bear, you would feel a lot of adrenaline that encourages the emotion to fight (to conquer the animal) or flight (run for your life).

Today, your animals are more likely to be deadlines, tasks, unrealistic losses, stormy relationships, falling stock markets, feeling out of control, the challenges of survival, buying homes, vehicles, food, safety and children. Today, the terms "anger" and "depression" are used more often than "fight" or "flight". Stress and battle or stroke occur when there is no need to meet the needs that refer to expectations and reviews. These premises are the basis of the ability of our bodies to respond to stressful situations.

An addiction to stress or emotion puts us in a moment, ready to be and fight or run. In this situation we use adrenaline to be and fight or run. Adrenaline is very powerful. It gives fuel to muscle for them to take action. Now, social fighting is not acceptable and running does not solve anything. Here is the problem. As men, we begin to analyze the solution (rationalize = make real). Adrenaline moves in the muscles, the body stiff and the muscles will never be used. We then complain about stiffness and ability to move freely. The problem arises when we connect adrenaline with a feeling of being active and active in the environment. We mean this hit as; stress feels good, so add to the adrenaline feed.

Cancer and steroids take the job away. They ease the muscles and we feel relaxed. . . Ah. . .

When stress is based or this process is repeated, the body is in danger.

Ø Changes in the size of the brain in the field of emotional perception.
Ø Fear and stress reduces blood flow to our guardian, where intelligence is active. When joy and love persist, the guard is increased so that you have increased ability to think, create and process information.
Ø The immune system is at risk with cortisol and may potentially cause cancer.
Ø Melting is a compromise – circulatory system disorders.
Ø Heart system changes.
Ø Decomposition occurs in tissues, joints and bones.

The body begins to live in lack, hunger and breakdown. The job is too much to deal with. The union does not work. How can I pay the bills — The play of life goes on and over again, just to get HIT adrenaline! If you do not have enough drama in your own life, you can watch the TV, sometimes set to the DRAMA station. Look at these symptoms, allergies, heart problems, chronic fatigue, osteoporosis, – make this sound aware – these are the ailments of our society?

Scenario: You are a little stressed, tired, that kind of time, you spend time with your doctor. Once there it is said that a holiday could be good. Take some time, forget about everything and relax for a couple of days or weeks. Yes! Now you have permission. You tell your boss and staff that you have been for a week. Do not make any calls! You go home, take measures and pack. You wake up the next morning and the sun shines. It's on the beach. You get inside your car, put down and go away. As you drive along the coast, you have your favorite musical game, wind in your hair and you enjoy the scenery. Soon you start to become uneasy. You have not received adrenaline for hours.

You start thinking about a meeting last week. You remember how Susie watched you and Ben took the opportunity to mention your idea that you spoke to him. You recall the restructuring of managers or budgets you need to do. Wow! Now enter stress, anger and feeling over or betray or even frustration.

You are creating chemistry in mind. Remember the lemon. You are not physically at work. No stress drive in nature in beautiful surroundings. You chose to go into the heap of the brain, hippocampus, and release the stress file. Now you have a smorgasbord chemistry. There is no time or space in this memory or reality, except what you do. It's not going to happen for a while, except in your brain. However, your brain now gives you chemical heat in your body. Now you are tired when you enter the cabin.

Tired? Did you do anything? Yes, but it was not real! It was a memory that threw chemical steam into the body.

Next time this happens or you find yourself having someone else do this, why not stop. Just stop and start connecting to the environment, music, anything and not memory (file management in the brain). The body draws attention to the addictive blow of adrenaline because it desires it.

When you need a vacation it can be fifteen minutes or a week. How about fasting from our feelings. Seeing and being seen has its own chemistry as well. Every person, place, thing, time and event has been stored in memory, molecule feelings each with its own chemistry signature. Emotions are disastrous in the brain's gray matter. It is in the form of downloadable tiles – Hippocampus and it is repeated as known-over and over again, because it feels good. If you continue to look at wrong things, it's chemically linked and it will shape your future behavior.

Emotions characterize our reality and lead to complex electrochemical relations within and between neurons. Feelings of worthlessness and self-hatred as substrate depression, even though they seem to be based on reality, are nothing more than a brain drain or failed identity.

It's very natural and easy for the brain to play out what's awful and used to do, remember, of course. The brain is always at work because it is his job. It must keep the body going and give it what it takes, without judgment. Without finding the switch and using other parts of the brain, we can get stuck in the same old, same old one. It takes great courage to look negative in the eye and see what it is, need for a party.

Memory, when combined with active imagination, calls for physiological responses in the body. It is therefore natural to believe that you can change the situation – there are decisions.

Active imagination and strong, focused will (attention) is another way to create an image that resembles and approves new memory. Once a physical response has been created, your body will have a new memory to draw.
To change it, you must create a new memory. To create it, use your imagination. Return to the past and create a new forum in your movie. Now, by doing this, you can live the future, experiencing now.

See all the possibilities and opportunities available and decide to plan for all the possibilities. Create a future event, and do it now. The brain only knows now, present moments. Now, with memory of future events that work in the current moment, this gives you physiological response at the moment, which will be the last event in the brain … memory. As long as you live in the past, it's less to create modernity, because your brain only works on any information that is imprinted at any moment.


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