Stress management: the power of the day

I learned a precious lesson recently. A short time ago, the coach coach made this great request from me. She asked me to book 24 hours to me within 30 days and send her an email when I had booked these days. On this day (which she named "Karen Day") I was not working any work whatsoever. It was 24 hours for me and whatever I liked to do. If I feel like sleeping, go for a walk, watch TV or take a hot bath, that was exactly what I would do. I also had to keep up with "I should". You know yourself: "I should be working", "I should be marketed", "I should answer my email and voice messages".

Why did she ask me to organize "Karen Day"? Because I was trying to give to many people both professionally and personally, and the result, I finally reached a cold that developed in a sinus infection.

So I was organizing this "Karen Day". When would I have time for this? The truth is, it was not that there was not enough time. It was that I was guilty of taking this time for me when "I should" do something else.

We are very good at helping professionals to give our time and energy to others, but we are not so good at giving ourselves time. However, the lesson I learned is that the key to being able to give others is to take time for us to renew our energy.

Finally, I appointed the day 27th day 30 day deadline. It was an extra day! I had gone into the day with the goal of keeping my commitment to myself and doing what I felt like doing. It worked because after I felt I felt more relaxed, frank, powerful and happy.

My request about you is to organize your "Me Day" within 30 days. Here are some tips to help you:

1. Insert "Me Day" into your schedule.

2. Keep your commitment

3. Put your intent on that day

4. Release your "I should" for the day

And last but not least, spend an extra day!

I can already hear your opposition: "I'm too busy for it", "I do not have time to", "this is not good" and then and again. The fact is, it will never be a good time and there will never be a time that is not busy. You choose to put yourself first for 24 hours. Consider hiring a life and career counselor to help you integrate self-esteem in a busy day and balance your life without compromising your time. Working with a coach can be the difference between burning and happiness in your work.


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