Stress Management – "The economy is so exciting," he said

There is no doubt that many people are very stressed by the economic situation. Many have lost their jobs or they fear that they could lose their jobs and have friends, neighbors and colleagues who have already lost the soul. They say; "There is a contraction if your neighbor loses his job and there is deep depression if you lose yours."

Still, it's very unhealthy to instill fear or threat of losing your job. It is much better to be preventive and to look for options before it is inevitable. Even if you only have a slight percentage of chance of losing your job, you should still consider other options and try to reduce the risk in advance.

Not long ago my friend said; "I'm so stressed out, this economy is so stressful I do not know what to do." What he has done is to handle challenges and problems in the economy, which causes him unhealthy stress. He is worried too much and clearly destroys vitamins and body. It is also personal to raise his heart rate, his pulse speed and mind.

Some things are out of our control and other things are not. If someone fears they are going to lose their jobs, they need to work twice as hard and find ways to reduce the risk of financial loss if this event occurs.

You must remember that nothing in life is guaranteed and definitely does not guarantee good things in life. A good thing could be considered to have a stable paycheck and be able to manage to live well and feed your family. I hope you will consider all of this.


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