Stress Management – Start connecting to your body

Professionals live most of the time in their heads. You want to know the reasons and explanations. You want to view the items online or in books. You learn by reading and remembering. You are more likely to be internally motivated to continue and do your work. You look for the answer to the questions. When you ask: & # 39; Can I change my life by doing this or this? & # 39; You listen to a logical argument from you. You may be outsiders motivated and influenced what others say.

So you listen to a logical mind you decide what you need to do and you organize your day accordingly. You do not like anyone else to interfere and you rarely receive help. You know that you should include more than know that you can get work faster and more efficiently than anyone else. When you send from you, you find it hard to let the other person continue with the job. You are a bit of control and expect all jobs you send to be on the same standards as you would.

Your body can communicate in a way that your head can not. It can be very useful or useful to notice what happens to your body. Does it feel excited, relaxed, excited, sad? Notice where there is tension in the body, especially when something happens that you do not want to occur. Similarly, if you become aware of excitement, ask yourself what happened just before you felt the excitement?

As you notice these things, you can become more aware of how your mind and body are interconnected.

While spending most of your day at work, using information in your head, your body is also there and paying you something.

Have a conversation with your voltage range. For example, if you have back pain, ask yourself what it wants to tell you. What do you want from yourself so it will not hurt? How can you stop working? The answer will contain your post, of course, but when you really connect with your body, you may be amazed at what it can tell you.

The way to connect to the body is to bring it a lot more. Use your limbs, stretch your muscles, keep it well. It is true that a healthy body is important for a healthy mind.

The easiest thing to do is walk. daily. Do something you love to do and you can do regularly. You will notice the difference not only in your body but also in your mind.


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