Stress kills – learn to control it

We all learn something new the other day. The learning process begins at birth and continues for a lifetime.

If you doubt it, think again when you were 20. I'll bet you for the pay of the week how you look at the world and how you think about things are very different now.

Now I will agree that a big part of the change between now and now has to do with experience, but is not it learning too? We do not know to touch a hot stove until we do it for the first (and probably last) time. It's almost a perfect example of learning by example.

My position is that we have the capacity for almost infinite study of every subject under the sun.

So why should you learn how to deal with stress something different?

What we love to call stress is really nothing but our body's persistent reaction to a perceived threat that is about a "fight or flight" reaction.

The difference between our ancestors flows away so as not to be a dinner of animals and now our stresses are not as strongly defined. Instead of threatening animals, our stress certifications are more likely to be performance expectations at work or how to pay the bills of this month. And unlike animals, these causes are stress all the time and never seem to go away.

It's because of the complexity of our modern life that we emphasize that it's important to learn how to deal with stress. While the causes of your stress may not be directly under your control, it is how you respond to stress and it is very possible to reduce the effects of stress simply by learning to change how you respond to stress in the first place. [19659002] If your current response to stress is not helpful and if you are reading this as I bet they are not then you need to focus on turning off bad habits and reviving good.

For example, if your current first response to stress is for convenience, you may want to change it by replacing calorie calories instead. Both your heart and your waist will benefit.

Another example is that if you're always asked to do more with less, you need to learn to say "no." It's not bad to understand what your limits are. By refusing to take on additional tasks or responsibilities, you are removing only one cause of stress already.

In addition, these two examples are many other ways to restore how to deal with stress in life. But they all need to change in some way or another. Because most people find the change scary, sometimes it's the case that it's easier to set up the negative way, but it's taking a terrible chance of change.

Do not let this happen. By taking control of your own life and learning how to control stress and strain to live in a positive, inspiring manner will do miracles for both you and everyone around you.


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