Stress Eraser – What is stress?

Basically, it is our perception of people, places, things, and events in our lives. If we look at things as a challenge, our lives are more stressful and if we try to be better and positive, we save the "big" things for the stress button. Worried about creating stress and allowing everyday hassles to stack up without solving them also creates stress.


Stress is good …. we need to be inspiring, stimulating, helping us cope with challenges and solve problems and it warns us. It's very natural and import part of our lives, without it being no life at all, but we need to learn to listen to our body, mind and soul when we have shifted from stress to distress.

We've all heard the "fight or flight" reaction and when our bodies fix it, it signals signs to our nervous system that it needs to respond quickly, so the idea is to keep our lives more manageable. right, easy for me to say … J ….. so here I will go back a little to our thoughts …. stressful and negative outlook / thoughts are when we put our body into hyperactivity and / or too much , it is our thoughts and feelings we perceive and interpret this effect of the body, so our thoughts and feelings are very important factors in maintaining our stress level in a "good" area, and do not let it be in an emergency.

Grants vary for different people, like different nations, stress levels are different and things that look stress are different, but the following symptoms are some of the ways you can say if you are stressed and pay attention to Gera

Feeling tired

Problem sleeping

Heart rate


Sweat palm

Inability to concentrate

Feeling tired

Feeling tired

Feeling sleepy sees


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