Stress Capacitor

It is a known fact that stress is one of the causes of heart attacks and many other diseases related to dangerous stress, Stress is a murderer. The bad thing of stress is that it will not only totally kill you, it's killing you while it's doing it.

Stress allows a person to narrow his perspective, lose lost, lose rate and sense of real things in life, some people get into a chain reaction, because stress is only a cause of greater stress and actually leads to people looking for health services.

The person, like yourself, who does not have or has some mental illness at some point, that you read this article for simple reasons, starts to feel that stress is over you that something has changed as a result of increased stress, and you want out. You want your life again, you sense control and shake this sense of urgency in every matter of your life.

Nobody needs to be a mental health expert to know that he is experiencing stress when it is very clear. The biggest problem is that humans get used to it and we learn to live with it, wearing it on our heads, our shoulders, our hearts. While stress is transferred into our bodies, we become bitter, angry, impatient and generally not fun to be with or around us. No big surprise, of course, you can probably remember when you knew someone so stressed that it made you feel stressed, you were also likely to see this man …

A few weeks or months ago, what can you do? to try to fight it? Is it usually possible to strike stress, and return to normal life with normal stress levels that go up and down – usually (in contrast to constantly).

You can. That's the first thing I have to say. Almost everyone can, and there is no reason you can not. What am I talking about? Beat stress. To get your life back, enjoy and live, every single moment every single day.

Here are some things that helped me a lot, I know some of them sound old-fashioned or simply old but they worked for me and they could just work for you.

Take hobbies, start something you ever wanted, work out in the park (amazing) or learn how to go skiing (even more amazing), work out is good, running or swimming, really almost what kind of normal physical activity is good. I highly recommend golf, its ability to draw your attention to everything else and allow you to focus on small white balls for a few hours, by spending (relatively) long time out doors, that's great. If you go with your golf bag and go to the course (do not walk around you) you must also get in shape.

Workout – once a day, for 20 to 45 minutes, do something, in the house out of the house, does not matter, just do something. Yoga is great, because almost everyone can practice it and always you have to perform positions in connection with your breathing, which is almost the best way to relax and control your breath.

Deal with problems and break them into smaller sections – like clearing a large room, breaking your problems into smaller issues, and deciding who you do not want to deal with right now and who are the ones you're going to solve, not let other unknown issues be resolved – Commit yourself to the time and day you have to deal with these other issues.

I wish you the best and take good care of stress and start taking control of your life. When you get into this stressful mood again, try to think about how stressed a person looks and what is the chance of solving his problems, taking a long breath and organizing your victory.


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