Stress – Are You Stressed?

Stress is not something that our ancestors know, though their lives were certainly filled with severe stroke related to high mortality and incurable diseases, but the term stress was not known as such. People certainly suffered from breakdown and depression, but the term stress was not recognized as a disease or disease.

Today, stress seems to fill our lives and also seem to be largely self-evident! Some personality types just seem to be less stressful than others. The first step in dealing with stress, like dealing with alcoholism, is to acknowledge that you have stress. Most people who suffer from stress are not really aware of the fact and only feel late or late when they have some heart disease, high blood pressure, neck and shoulder stiffness or migraine problems. Or when their family tells them they are always in a hurry, never have time, have a blast of blame for slight provocation and are truly just miserable people living with.

Personally stressed type is known as "Personality Type A" – A term that is well-known now after research made in 1950 by Friedman and Rosenman, despite the notion of using this type of personality to predicting cardiovascular risk has recently fallen out of favor. Only people with A's characteristic A, which reveal very obvious, external enmity, are very frank with heart disease, but the fact is that most people with Personality A who have stopped stress and stress cause all kinds of health problems – not talking about making your life misery in general!

People with this type of personality need to be aware of the fact that the underlying reason that they are always stressed is related to how they control their lives – stress is not objective self-esteem but something that is perceived by the mind ifir stress.

What I'm trying to say is that stressful events have come for everyone, but only some people experience them as stressful. Different people have different views on what is stressful and what is not. Clearly, life-threatening experiences such as death of loved ones, moving homes, marrying etc., have a major impact on your life – it always has and will always, but the fact is when people talk about being stressed & # 39; Today, it's not about dealing with the impact of major changes in lifestyle, but the day to grind to deal with life. Some just seem to do it so much better than others.

Those who do not seem to flow and accept only the daily worsening of dealing with challenging working conditions such as money that expires before spending is made, youngsters need to require homes and family, learning how to deal we stress and control it.


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