Stress and freedom

We experience STRESS; when our freedom is at risk.

In cellular prisons, freedom is reduced in even movements and meet people apart from all other things, so life is very heavy!

Lack of access to freedom; of safety, food, water, clothing, shelter, health care, education, etc. creates great stress.

On the contrary, constraint or taxation (lack of freedom) to live only in certain circumstances, eat only a certain type of food, drink only a certain amount and insecure water, wear only a certain kind of clothes, live in certain types of clothes , you only get a certain type of healthcare, get only a certain type of education; select STRESS.

Freedom to build shelter, use medicinal herbs, farmland, run business, etc. without oppression, forcing and tightening the licensor; Egypt impedes restrictions on all of these by various laws; is denial of freedom and therefore very grateful.

Moving to other countries, trading in other countries, commenting on paintings, music, literature, movies, plays and so on; are the consequences of freedom.

When we define and optimize political freedom; We must consider these different aspects of freedom and see; Which majority of the world are free!

We will often report on those who participate in political freedom movements and those who do not. But it would be clear now that an individual or organization that does not participate in political freedoms is not necessarily anti or against freedom! Thus, artists, scientists, Hermes, health workers, government officials, social reforms, atheists, globalization, different religious leaders; Has not been involved in political liberty jobs; in different countries. But they are not anti or against freedom.

If our majority is not free; then why do we do that; who can not control our behavior; try to prevent us from killing the freedom of the winners? Reversed; why do we do that; Even as unselfish guidance comes us at no cost; to get rid of it; turn your blind eye and deaf ear to it?

Are you really interested in getting rid of sick, wrong and offenders inside and outside; without vindictiveness? We are following such freedom of individual and international flourishes, ie. Total Stress Management (core that is NAMASMARAN)?



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