Personal Stress Management

Admit that you are affected by stress is the first stage in personal stress management. Another point is to realize that the only person responsible for your personal stress management is you. Sure, you can involve some of your healthcare professionals and medications that he can prescribe to you. But even then you have to keep in mind to take them regularly.

It's much better to learn how to develop your own personal stress program or routine.

One of the easiest ways to start the road to personal stress management is to keep your personal calendar. Nothing complicated. You can even use your blog (just add something in each comment to say what your mood is). But start taking into account what causes stress in your life. Keep track of the times when you feel better. What causes stress to be seen? Is it a colleague at work or in some other way?

Keep in mind what you can do to reduce stress or even let it go away completely. Does it listen to a particular piece of music? Are you going to the gym and run or ride in detail?

Come down in detail. Start to notice when stress levels increase and when they decrease. Then use this calendar to work out your own stress schedule. Once you've got something down on paper, you'll find it a lot, much easier to explain how to deal with stress you need to deal with in your daily life.

Of course, the plan is only part of the battle. You need to make sure that you personalize your stress schedule as much as possible. There are times when you run out of your plan and do not use them as an excuse. Get back to your schedule as soon as possible. You will find that having your own stress management plan could quite literally be a life saver.


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