Managing Stress Small Business Success

"Stress of Success" sounds only absurd for those who have never been successful. For those who manage a small business that is completing the sentence, makes a perfectly good sense. In particular, a company manager who has grown from one person to ten or more employees is likely to experience a worry of stress that comes with success. How can this be?

Think about what happens when your small business "starts".

You will be famous. That is to say, now your neighbors and friends know about you. You've been successful because you get a break, know the right people, steal and cheat, sell drugs around the back door, earn money and play the corner. This night, you have gone from being a working neighbor to some sort of slick operator.

You will be visible. The ad in your phone book or newspaper means that you are no longer anonymous. Your customers know your address and phone number. There is nowhere to hide! You have become bigshot.

The world believes you are rich. You must now respond to requests for sponsorship of all good causes that humanity knows. Why are you not interested in assisting local brotherhood and orders from the police, firefighters, ambulances, Moose, Knights of Columbus, assistants, cemeteries, United Nations, Jerry Kids and UNESCO, to name a few reasons? Do not care?

The world looks like you need immediate help to make your business successful. Why are not you ordering all business consulting magazines that are designed just for yours? Why are you not involved in any business organization there to speak for your interests? Why are you not going to the covenants, rent a show booth and hire a consulting company? Why are not you signing up with an investment fund that will multiply your profits the other day?

Every bank on the planet wants to lend you money, especially by using credit cards. The more you need credit the more requests you will receive. You're welcome to start borrowing. Of course, if you really need the money, never mind.

A few dozen insurance companies believe the situation is right for their products. The product may include health insurance, long-term health insurance, life insurance, accident insurance, home insurance, insurance, supplementary medical insurance, flood insurance, insurance or credit card insurance.

So to succeed you are managing a growing small business, follow the application! Accept it: you are rich, sleek, border criminal, lucky and in need of help from all directions to become richer. You are cruel if you do not benefit from all causes. You should be out there in community and give leadership on all your free time. You should be happy to receive mail with the pound. You should be the column in the chair and model of society. You should join an organization. You should contract and spend time reading consulting tips after you have finished deleting the Wall Street Journal every day and reading blogs like this piece.

Bottom line: The result of this experiment on humor is to make two points.

First, transition into small business from one person to even a small number of employees and the onset of success with significant changes in how you perceive. You can expect to become a marketing marketer and seek. You can expect to be seen as wealthy, powerful and impressive. You're still the same person you've always been, but it may seem like no one else thinks so. It can be very confusing and stressful. Expect stress. Keep your eyes on the ball. Business development is a lot of work and the priority of the time and energy is in your business, not to others, because of companies or proposals.

Secondly, there are two of the easiest and fastest ways to succeed in the success of humor and by talking that way. So do jokes and make exaggerations.! Keep on saying it and listen to feedback from someone who will really hear what you are saying. Ignore the rest.


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