Kiss Stress Dear!

Stress is known as number one rival today. The American Medical Association has said that stress is the cause of 80-85% of all human illnesses and illnesses. Goodness! We learned better to do something about it.

I've found that I and others I speak to experience the most stress when we are not taking action, we are tired and we accidentally believe. It's wise to cure stress, we need to take proper actions, rest, take good care of us, and find ways to avoid surprise.

Do not take action: The next time you feel stress and anxiety, do not hesitate to stop. Ask yourself what's the only thing I can do? We can always come up with one thing. But the key is not to watch the whole picture but just focus on one task and do one thing. Try this. You'll be amazed at how the stream is evaporated when you take action.

Tired: This is a personal thing. Are you tired because you burn candles at both ends or is it a physical issue? If you do not take enough time to rest and relax, you need to put this in the schedule. I have never seen a tomb who said: "I wish I had won more." If there is a physical problem, call your doctor now and plan physically. Last fall / winter I had a terrible sleep and finally my doctor and she got the help I needed and turned my sleep medication all around me. I can not tell you how much better I feel when I wake up. And how much less stress do I think.

Feeling overwhelmed: When I ask my attitude to talk what they do when they are overwhelmed, the 100% answer – nothing! And when we are not taking action we find stress. I have a great system that calls for 7 steps to stop being described in my book "Organize With Trust". It works when it's organized and it works when you find yourself surprised at anything.

Step 1: Still Date. If things are too high at that time, look at your calendar and set the date / time to think about the problem you're overwhelmed with.

Step 2: Identify what interferes with you. On that day / time settle down in a quiet place and think about what you think is surprising. Write down all about the project.

Step 3: Priority. Now that you have it down on paper, you can prioritize the steps to take. You can not do it when it's in your head.

Step 4: Select a date. Select a date to deal with priority.

Step 5: Be prepared to take action. Write down what you need to take care of a priority. Everything! All stores or names or people to talk about it.

Step 6 : Do it. On the day you selected in Step 4, start coping with the project.

Step 7: Relax, reward and repeat. Great job! You have started working with what was overwhelming to you and I promise that I feel good. Sit back, pay for what you have done and go to the next priority in this task.

You may take steps 1-6 at a time. I've seen it happen many times. When you start taking action, you feel so much you want to continue. Start taking action, get the rest and relaxation you need, and watch the feeling of being overwhelmed and stressed out!


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