How does stress make you feel?

We all feel stress, some little, some much. Sometimes we do it and sometimes we do not. Sometimes it makes us certain to push through and sometimes it will crush us! And we think there is no solution.

It's hard to understand our own stress and impossible to understand another's stress. Imagine a group of friends spending a day at the amusement park. At one point, one of the group will suggest a ride on the rollercoaster.

This will immediately trigger one of three responses. One group will be excited and they will get a lot of buzz from the ride, experiencing positive strain. Another group will experience excitement but will feel discomfort and prevent another trip and the third group will have found predictable reasons for not traveling.

As this third group goes away, they will feel a relief, suffering from frustration with oneself not to walk in others. When the tour was suggested, the same ride was for everyone but who experienced another type of stress.

Why do we differ different views and different decisions we have made about the Rollercoaster – and sometimes stop taking business in general. Also different experiences we have had. Put everything together and one event will be as if there are many events for the people in question.

Official speech is considered to fear most, even greater than death itself. In my 10th grade at school, I felt stupid to do bad when I got content that I had to talk without preparation, especially when the favorite device came next and made a fun presentation of the same.

But a decade later I was running courses and courses and loving every minute of it. I have no idea when I made a transition from fear of pleasure, it just seemed to happen.

It is not easy to overcome all the pressure.

I started working as a carpenter. I was never pleased to walk the narrow edges of the building frame or move over the roof when there was only a frame of wood. I was always emotionally tired when I would return to the ground. I decided to take action to solve this so I signed up for parachute leave.

I discovered that stress can be very specific. Although I was uncomfortable walking on a narrow plank of 20 feet above the ground, it was not particularly difficult for me to step out of doors of small planes in 2000 feet. However, I did a new fear of kite pilots. This exercise did nothing about my fears of heights on construction sites.

What causes stress?

Is there a particular fear, or is it fearing the unknown or what could happen, is it a place of heights, spiders, etc., etc.?

Do you need to be in control, right on time, perfect in everything you do. Are you stressed to be sentenced or rejected by others?

Ask yourself this. How would I live my life if I did not quite know what others thought about me. How would I dress, what would I say. Most of our stress we create is to introduce ourselves to a version of the world. So, others will see us as beautiful, handsome, happy, well organized, efficient, etc.

Sometimes we become disappointed, frustrated, anxious, depressed, angry, unhappy or and miserable.

In this series of articles, we will discuss the successful stresses from additional drugs, meditation and lifestyle.

I look forward to meeting you soon soon

Be healthy and happy.


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