How can you tell if you're stressed?

How do you know if you are stressed?

It may seem obvious that if you were stressed you would know about it. But it must not be as obvious as all that.

Take my friend, Peter. Peter had his first heart attack when he was in the early eighties, so he knew what a heart attack was like. So when he felt chest pain one day, he took it as a warning that it would happen again and he dragged himself to the nearest emergency department. There he was triaged and placed directly into the emergency room.

British NHS responded brilliantly by performing tests and X-rays and within a very short time as he was prepped and everyone willing to go to the theater for a major operation to clear, apparently, closed artery. Except that when the surgeon came to see him, Peter was surprised. The surgeon started by asking if Peter wanted the gospel or bad news first. Peter chose the gospel and was told

& # 39; You have not had a second heart attack, there is nothing wrong with your requirements. Bad news is that this is caused by stress and if you do something about it, it will kill you and very soon. Your call & # 39;.

And he lit his heel and went out and left Peter dumb. Relief but also very shocked.

It was a big wake up call to Peter. At that time he was running two companies. The contraction had become difficult, and he ran faster than ever before, and made himself feel angry. But he used to be used to it. He worked well under pressure – he thought. Alpha male and all this. But always and inevitably he caught him and he hit the wall. He had a warning sign but had chosen to ignore them to take & # 39; What does not kill me makes me strong & # 39; Common, but very wrong, attitude towards stress management.

Luckily, Peter understood and sold one of the companies and relieved the pressure and, last but not least, worked on his attitude and thought about stress. He is now very healthy and happy. But this just goes to show how stress can scratch you and you do not realize until it's too late.

Stress symptoms can be so varied that it's easy to put it down on something else and keep on driving yourself, but the body is only designed to take so much and sooner or later the wear will begin to show.

We all have our own stress reaction, the things that really push buttons and they do not have to be much. Sometimes it's the smallest part. We need to know about stress, recognize how we respond when we are stressed, what happens in our bodies and how does it happen to us? Then we can set up strategies to reduce it and take control of it.

Ignoring the problem does not mean that it will go away and learn to know the symptoms of stress so that you can clean it before it's too late.

How does stress work for you? Are you even aware of your stress responses and what do you do to control stress?


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