Health and Stress – How Does Stress Affect Your Health?

Stress affects us in many ways and it has always been a common complaint among people about how it has affected them in their lifestyle.

What is stress and how does it affect a person?

Everybody knows stress. It may be unknown to you, but we experience it in different forms and stages of our daily lives. With years of research it shows that having a little pressure or strain can really be beneficial to us. With moderate pressure, it keeps us awake, helping us keep us interested and doing better. However, when there is too much pressure or when we are at prolonged pressure, negative physical effects of stress will begin to reveal that affect our physical or mental activity and that is when there is a problem.

External stress is intended to protect and support us. However, as the pressure becomes too great, the stress ultimately exceeds our ability to cope with it in a positive way. This prolonged or repeated activation of responses causes a lot of work on the body and causes a variety of health problems. When this happens, people often emphasize, burn out or end up. These are common physical symptoms of severe stress and if it is uncontrollable, it will affect your health. It can affect an individual both physically and emotionally, and the effects may vary from one person to another.

Psychologically, it can cause people tired, frustrated, angry, apathetic, depressed and terrible but physically it can lead to high blood pressure, chest pain, difficulty breathing, difficulty breathing, hair loss, obesity and immune-related disease.

Recent studies show that the effects of human health are enormous, ranging from two thirds to 90 percent of all illnesses are actually stress-related. It shows that understanding and recognition of stress and learning how to control it is vital for an individual to be healthy.

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