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Today's most prestigious society is forced to deal with stress at a very young age. Teenagers are constantly driven to compete for the best or the highest at school, including because they are constantly fighting for acceptance, as a rule, based on the way they are in development today. The way they speak, dress and act are all governed by the standards expressed by the media and cultural symbols.

Introducing youth management at home?

Children are motivated and driven, even bribed to work well from a very young age. Learning materials and parenting usually work a lot of stress that neither the child nor the parent knows or addresses. As soon as the baby enters his teens, there are many physiological changes that are taking place, which adds to the stresses currently present. Consider three very important aspects of stress management for adolescents.

1. Communication

The first step towards risk management for adolescents is that you set and maintain communication channels open. You should be able to talk to the youth whenever you need and he should also be able to do that too. This routine should be cultivated right from childhood when you should feel a child's mind and consider that you are where he needs to talk to you.

2. Prefatory Counseling

The preparation of the child for the changes that he will face is another very important step in stress management of adolescents. This advice should be done well in advance. For example, a child should report changes in their body when they are 11 or 12 years old; They should also be sure everything is normal and expected.

3. Talking the Truth

Teenagers usually do not suffer when parents do not pull themselves. When divorced in the family, he has a tendency to blame himself for the fall between parents. Keep the children in a loop if you are not pulling out and try as much as possible to keep your arguments private.

In case of divorce in adolescence, the control would include telling the truth. Never lace up the truth or try to give it some kind of artificial taste. Children deserve to know the truth.


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