Four ways to kiss stress Dear

Who wants to stress? I bet nobody does. Everyone tries to avoid it. And as for those who have it, they try to try everything to help them escape the fears of the headaches that usually come with problems S.

It's a little funny though, it's the fact that most people focus on their quest to get rid of stress itself!

Well, to avoid such situations, here are some four simple ways that can keep you from stress:

a. Writing. Keeping a journal where you can write everything you want about what's happening around you can potentially help you relieve stress. Writing in a journal allows you to fully express your feelings and, consequently, free yourself from the burden of thinking or feeling for yourself. It's also a great tool to get to know you better. Apart from that, it keeps you right about your strengths and weaknesses, daily development and challenges, and the lessons of life. It also increases your intellectual activity.

b. Walk. Walking is not just left-right-left-right activity to stretch the muscles of the legs and legs. Instead, it can serve as a way to get temporarily from all the stresses of life. Hike breaks you from busy life, but lets you explore the environment you belong to. Apart from that, it benefits your body – endorphins., In addition to increasing the resistance and energy of your body as well.

c. Laughing. Many say that "laughter is a good medicine". Well, this is really very true. Apart from obvious reasons, laughter allows you to escape from thoughts and feelings of sadness, anger or other negative activities, has the power to reduce levels of stress hormones like adrenaline, cortisol and dopamine in your body. It also increases your level of health-promoting hormones and cells that produce cells. In addition, laughter serves as a means of emotional release, and it attracts friends who can potentially enhance your social life too.

d. Listen to the music, that is. Just like writing and laughing, you can listen to music by getting in touch with your real feelings. Apart from that, it also helps you get rid of these beautiful emotions – it may be guilt, repentance or total fear of emotion. Listening to music, especially those who are good and happy, can also help you focus on the positive aspects of your life, instead of having terrible thoughts of being alone. It can also create self-assessment and analysis.

Today, life can usually come out of your hand and stress can overcome your probably lively spirit. When it happens, remember a simple formula: W2L2 = Stress Free.


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