Four ways to beat stress in the office

My friend (a smoker) once told me that "smoke" of smoke or smoke-free outside would help to put patiently his peace and take steps back from the high-level office. He works in a tall building and will go all the way outside the office building to smoke at least 2 or 3 times a day.

Well, this is the way to control stress. But for me personally there are better and healthier ways to relieve stress and relieve your mind. Here are 4 ways you can use to beat your stress.

1. Breathe slowly and deeply

When anxiety and stress begin to creep in, we tend to breathe fast and take a short breath; This will not help us control our nerves. Instead, you should exercise controlled breathing. Find a quiet place, breathe slowly and deeply for 20 times. Breathe slowly and let the air fill your lungs, then breathe the breath in gentle. Although proper breathing does not take stress, it helps you to calm yourself and focus on dealing with the problem.

2. Get organized

Many of us feel stress due to lack of control; Anxiety increases when we can not respond to chaos or turmoil. So, spend time cleaning your desk in the office; clear the mountains of the papers, discard unused materials and make room for your family. Make your workplace a little more welcome and under control. This will help to think about you.

3. Take a short break

Instead of leaving your office room for a smoke break, why not find a suitable place and use some tranquility. If your business has a small garden area, use it. Make a cup of coffee, turn off your mobile phone, find a spot in the yard where you can sit down and take a few minutes of your busy working day.

4. Excuse physical activity

Physical activities such as sports, will help the body to produce more endorphins; These are known as "feel-happy" hormones that are released when we practice. They help calm the nerves and reduce stress. There are so many activities you can do like quick walking, jogging, swimming, rolling, etc. Just select your favorite. For me personally, the best time to practice between kl. 18:30 to 19:30 (after my work and for my dinner at 8:00). If you can not manage to free time late afternoon; then the best choice is early in the morning before you start working.

These are just some of the ways I often use to control my daily stress in and out of the office. You can not eliminate stress completely, but you can learn strategies to control them.


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