Being automated – reduce stress while improving your communication

The use of tangible languages ​​is an important communication ability. Learning how to speak with reliable strength will let you clearly explain your views by respecting the rights and thoughts of others at the same time. An automatic number is the right balance between being too aggressive and too idle. Being trustworthy can help increase your self-esteem and help you earn the respect of others. Some seem to be natural themselves. But if you tend to be a bit more idle you can become a bit stranger. Or if you tend to be aggressive, you can learn to relax your relationship style.

Assertive vs Passive Behavior:

Assertive communication is a necessary tool. It shows that you know the rights of others and want to resolve disputes.

If your communication style is idle, you appear to be shy, inactive or relieved. You say it often says: "I'll just do what everyone else decides." You avoid conflict at almost all costs. Why is this a problem? Because the message you give to others is that your thoughts, opinions, and feelings do not matter as others do. Mostly, you are giving others permission to ignore your wishes and your needs. Or, you may agree orally agree, but in your heart and mind, the decision does not apply to your own. You can tell yourself that communication passively simply holds the peace and arguments argument. But what really makes it gets in the way of true truly relationships. Also, it can cause you internal conflicts because your needs will always come different from others.

This inner struggle can lead to:

Burning anger
Feelings of victims Nagging Stress Resmentment Desire to Avoiding
Assertive vs Aggressive Behavior

If your relationship style was characterized as aggressive you might often be considered bullying that ignores the needs, feelings and opinions of others. You could be arrogant or better. Very aggressive people scare others and may even be physically and emotionally threatening.

You may think that aggressive communication gets you what you want, but it comes at very high costs. Aggression of trust, friendship and mutual respect. Others may be scandalizing you, even despising you and preventing or objecting to them.

Keeping Confident (Clear, Friendly, and Persuaded) Can Help You:

Get Confident and Self-esteem
Get Respect for Others
Improve Relationship
Create Win-Win Situation
Get More Job satisfaction
Getting more job satisfaction
Leave and acknowledge your feelings
Improve your decision making technique
Create open honest relationships

life experience. Your particular style has probably become so heavy that you are not even aware of it. Even if people tend to keep their same communication style in their own lives, you can learn to be more adaptive to how you interact.

Here are some tips to help you get more prominent:

Decide your style: Do you voice your opinions or feelings? Be aware of how you respond to people. Your style becomes clear to you.

Use autonomous body language: Communication is not only verbal. Keep a straight post, but lean forward. Make a regular eye contact. Keep a neutral or positive face. Practice in front of the mirror if you must.

Keep your emotions under control: Conflict is difficult for people and causes some to get angry and frustrated. Although these feelings are normal, they can prevent conflicts. If you feel too emotional to go to a situation, just take your breath. Then continue working to calm down. Breathe deep and slowly . Keep your voice steady.

Remember to learn to be assertive takes time, practice and practice. If you have spent a lifetime or change yourself, it will be temporary to analyze and implement. However, if anger causes you to be too aggressive, you may need to use some controls to control anger.


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