Yes, you can beat and defeat the curse of alcohol or drug abuse and addiction

We, in Scotland, are fighting against serious effects and caused by alcohol. I'm sure it's similar since you're reading this article. Our newspaper headline this morning says: "Highland fury like chain launch plans New Year's Sale drinks"!

I serve as a chapel in the Inverness prison and sit in the children's area, which is a children's court and # 39; in Scotland – great system by the way – and so often in the various reports I have to read these words – "fuel of alcohol".

Let me describe how the life of man can be transformed in this area by telling us what happened to a great respect and respect for Bible teachers who died a few years ago. I have studied his teaching in depth and I know this man was real!

Glass of whiskey at six o'clock had become a habit for philosopher Derek Prince, while he was a teacher at Cambridge University. This continued in his early days.

After a dramatic unexpected encounter with resurrected Jesus in the house, the situation changed suddenly. I've written about this other place on Ezine. His biography is worth reading too.

Derek was not worried about drinking whiskey, but the next evening, after he had experienced a living Christ, when he went to the bar, his legs dropped.

He suddenly realized that he was not worried about approaching the table for the whiskey. Another thought fastened him.

He had gone through this particular day, among a group of soldiers, without blasphemy.

Not only did God touch his heart, but God had touched his lips. God had transformed several years of life – the words that flowed from his mouth and what went on in his mouth.

In the evening he did not know how to pray. The next day he could hardly stop praying even when he left for his military work.

God explains all this by telling us that when one is born again, and when he is in Christ, he is new creation. Old has gone. The new has come.

The transformation can be sudden. People's circumstances can change almost without having to think about what is happening.

God rescues you from what he does not want you to have. He rescues you from what you do not do well, put your feet back and give you even new vocabulary, in more ways than one.

Jesus does not want you to ground your lips and pollute the atmosphere.

When you meet a living God, old desires are erased and new talents appear.

This is a true account of how one man struck and conquered the curse of alcohol. The ads never show us this side of imbibing that leads to conflicts, feuds, family rumpuses, children are removed from home or prison.

The answer is and if you think this could help you, or a friend who is fighting alcohol, hand over it as soon as possible.

Sandy Shaw


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