Why smoking leads to drugs and addiction

Well, it's not surprising that many people know about the harmful effects of smoking, even though some of them refuse to quit because of their own denial. However, it is less known that the fact that if you do not quit smoking, there is a risk that other addictive behaviors can be found, including the use of malignant drugs and addiction to these substances.

So how do you depend on something in the first place?

Okay, just let us know exactly what is meant by addiction.

Psychologists define addiction as something that refers to the status of being dependent on someone. It could be either psychological or physical, but whatever it is, addiction is a persistent desire to repeat everything that caused the crowd the desire for euphoria or high.

Addictive behavior is caused by desires or desires. When those desires are satisfied and meet, another desire will resume with the same or greater intensity. Once this has happened, drugs begin.

Addiction with nicotine

In the case of cigarette smoking, the desire for nicotine. Indeed, nicotine is now recognized as one of the most addictive substances around and quitting smoking will be so very difficult. So, when you smoke, nicotine enters the brain very quickly, rather like direct injection. It is often done to relieve stress and anxiety at work and at home.

However, after a few effortless minutes, your anxiety sensation returns to the same or greater strength as you start again. People who use smoking as an outlet to relieve stress and stress are already addicted. Time period.

Smoking and its effect on your brain

This is where the brain's content (or hormones) directly affects the substance of cigarette smoking. When smoking has a calming effect on a person, it gives a good incentive to repeat the process and a new habit leads to addiction. Can I also say that you are five times more likely to get Alzheimer's disease if you are a smoker . With medical care, our lives will be longer and this illness will affect people in the eighties and nineties. Do not let it start earlier because of smoking.

In addition, some experts argue that a person who ends a cigarette from the end of his or her former is already an addict. They have this great feeling of continuing to describe one cigarette after another. What is even more scary about the situation is that there was some report that experts demand that nicotine, along with marijuana sides, be some of the hardest types of drugs to treat and eliminate from the body.

Dopamine satisfaction factor

The pleasure you get when they breathe nicotine is completely rewarding to them. This is caused by the release of the "pleasure hormone" called dopamine. Therefore, people who are dense immediately get relief when they smoke.

Of course, the body has anti stress hormones that it can discharge throughout the day. If a fact if this did not happen, some people could almost suffer from a heart attack because of a system attack! So some stuff that calls this dopamine release and hair will cause addictive behavior.

Smoking and Liver

Almost every organ can affect inhalation of cigarette smoke. No part of you escapes unscathed. The stomach becomes irritated and you can get a sore. Even the liver can affect when it comes to prescription drugs from the body with certain medicines. It's ok if you do not stop taking nicotine for the first time. Keep trying.


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