What do I do with my fear?

Self-improvement can start when I set certain goals for myself that I want to reach within the final timeframe. The first requirements are obligations and continuous. The volume of interest I show at the initial stage evaporates over time. When I lost this vapor, I dropped. But my expectations of getting faster results might force me to take shortcuts that unexpectedly fail. Bust often makes me change goals and hopes to find easier and smoother. It will happen anyway. Now I get puberty, negative and shy away. What is what I like?

Current Continuous – Key to Progress

"I have gained many things in the past. I have many years of experience in this field and I have been the best player in this field." This negative approach hinders my progress. "I've always failed in the past. I'm a failure now. I'm sure I'll miss the future." This method is sure to land me in the state of psychological and emotional paralysis.


Acceptance of my current state without notice is actually the first step in self-esteem. I need to make a list of my strengths, limitations and debts. The first parameters could be imagination, innovation, focus, hard work, smart work, etc. My boundaries could link my grammar, phrase formation, thought speed, logic, etc. My obligations are related to inconsistency, intolerance, postponement, denial, accusation, etc. Knowledge of these factors could give me real-life use.

One step at a time

Whatever I choose to run, good work or slow operation, I only take one step at a time. My first focus is on my strength. By focusing on my work, I can reduce inconsistency and postponement.

Having a realistic goal is very important to me. I can know about my "one day" goals goal when analyzing my previous performance and taking the average. I emphasize all my efforts to achieve this goal. It takes time and patience. Perseverance is not easy. There is a constant effort to be in modern times and to work constantly. Today, I could achieve only 30% of my goal. But, as I see, it's better than zero. In the next steps, I focus on getting 50% of the expected results. I could end up at 35% or 40%. This process continues until I fully reach my goals.

In the next step, I try to achieve my goals within a day. I could get 30% performance. I continued without worrying too much about success. I can understand them over time without being aware of them.

Fear is my best friend

Fear has two different flavors, realistic and unrealistic. The first type is related to anything that could harm me. If I do not, I will not get paid. This realistic fear makes me work hard. Unrealistic fear is born of uncertainty and confusion. What if I fall tomorrow? What if I do not get orders tomorrow? What if my clients do not pay me for my work? What if I lose my consistency? What if I work quality goes down? What if I fail? ? "I'm not able to categorize them now. Soon my joy will thrive if I accept this fear."

When I understand my fear, I can learn how to live with them. I have heard of many talking about freedom from fear. I have not been able to gain freedom, at least in the long run, which continues to come back in one form or another My personal experience is that I could not fight them. I could not even keep away from my fear, so I took them as my friends and began to learn from them.

The action is Key

When I I have to deal with the fear of failure, I get up and start working. The fear of the back is not going away, but at least it will not control my thoughts. Owner (When I can not clear accounts) I talk to him and borrow time. Meanwhile, I start working on what is needed to earn money and pay the bill.


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