To help you help your adult child to depend on addiction

Over the years, we have written many articles for and each month they sent us a traffic report and our most adventurous article is "Liberate parents of adult alcoholics and drugs." This leads to an obvious conclusion: there are plenty of parents out there looking for ways to withdraw alcohol's behavioral alcohol.

Given a difficult problem. How does a loving parent actually help a senior son or daughter? Should you continue to fulfill their infinite requirements or follow a "strong love" approach and cut them down until they get up? Neither works well, and both are almost impossible to maintain, so what do you do?

Try the middle path. Offer for payment – provided that treatment is one of the least effective options rather than the usually inactive AA / 12 Step / Minnesota Model Major offer – is a good start.

It is also necessary to stop protecting them from the logical consequences of their chosen ones because they have been lasting very long if you are currently supporting them. Remember this lifestyle is their choice, not any mythical "disease", also helps you feel less guilty of preventing financial support.

I watched my own parents about this with one of my brothers. He was boring dry, but they continued to support him for 5,000 krónur a month. They could not understand why he would not "catch", stop doing drugs and get a job. Come on, if you want to give me $ 60,000 tax on a tax year to do nothing …

Sometimes they decided to listen to Ed and me. We put Ed in the middle between my parents and my brother and he had to do some things every month to get his money, which he had to get from Ed, not my parents. And he was given a plan that showed how the money was withdrawn each month until it fell to $ 0 during the year.

This broke my brother. But it also worked and today it is sustainable and not a drug. I could also add that because he works back now and is not short of my parents, he has regained his self-esteem and it is an important factor in keeping him from returning to drug abuse.

This is obviously not the only way out of this mess, but it's a way that worked because my parents got a lot of support from us, being strong and not crashing into my brother's face and # 39; s anger over his sensible mistreatment.

Then we have done similar services to some other families in our area and they have been successful. If you have a situation with your child and need help, please let us know. You can work out of it.


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