The truth about your drug addiction

Cynthia shook with anticipation. Although it had not been a new experience for her, she would not have loved her husband for 7 weeks. The new child brought a lot of challenges to her marriage. She earned a few pounds than expected and she still had insecurity about her body. In addition, John became busy since the child had come. He was a good dad, but he just did not seem to keep up with Cynthia's needs anymore. He often said he was busy with tasks at work. He continued on the computer all the time that night. When she asked John about this, he would tell Cynthia that his task was the only source of income for the family.

Cynthia sometimes wonders if he saw another woman. But how did he go when he was home at any time every night and was he always available by phone? After all, how could John cheat, he was a child of God? He would never do it. The only "other woman" he owned was this computer.

Tonight, Cynthia decided to surprise his husband and disturb the "date" with his computer. Of course, they needed the money, but Cynthia had to be loved, held; and she just needed her husband.

Regardless of Cynthia's uncertainty, she was brave enough to kill herself in a sexy Russian red coat covering her underwear. When she landed on the Johannesburg Workspace by wearing her sexy red stilettos, she was shocked to see her husband on her computer watching naked men and women taking part in most graphic sex days!

"John! What are you doing?"

"Cindy, I can explain."

Without another word, Cynthia ran into the bathroom and sat on a toilet stools with tears on her face.

John entered quietly, did not know what to say to his wife because he was taken care of and ashamed of it happening in this way.

He thought, "Why is Cynthia so hurt?" I'm not cheating on it with other women, am I?

John loved Cynthia but he was obsessed with pornography. It had nothing to do with her. He had been struggling with this addiction for many years …

It all started at the age of six. John's best friend Casey knocked at his door one day. "Johnny, come home to me. I need to show you something."

Since John did all he could to please Casey, he left without hesitation.

"Look at what Dad was born in his closet. Playboy, Penthouse and Hustler Magazine! Hurry up before you get home from work …"

Get insight into these erotic images brave John a strange feeling at first, although he was fond of women, their breasts, goods and other private things. This was a new, but terrible experience for John.

"Whatever you do," said Casey, "do not tell your parents."

This thought fought with John for many years, so he made a conscious decision to tell his parents or someone else.

Meanwhile, John sat thinking that he kept trembling his wife who had been crying for more than two hours because of her wicked discovery.

His mind ran when he thought: What would happen if I did say Mom and Dad or at least someone? Would I be in this sad position now?

He kept secret of his secret caused by John Addiction to grow uncontrollably. But who could he say? He felt stuck and now his marriage was likely to endanger.

While some people believe you can grow porn addiction, this was not John.

Indeed, when John grew older, his curiosity was big and he began to visit Casey's house even more to watch pornographic magazines and movies. Sometimes John started accessing porn on his own via the internet, after his parents bought him a laptop for his 13th birthday. Some of his male friends knew about it, but they also looked at it. John even thought he could overcome this problem by marrying Cynthia, but in his fear there was still so much power in his life. And after almost twenty-five years watching naked women and men (sometimes even women) who performed such a sexual act with others, John had kept the secret hidden so well until now …

He felt lost: he does not know what to say to her wife, still wondering why she was so injured. Cynthia was also in a loss. While some women are totally ignorant of her husband in porn, Cynthia knew that he had watched it several times in the earlier years of marriage. but she thought he had conquered this guilty pleasure.

Although John was not cheating physically, he was still cheating. How could she stop this porn monster from the destruction of her marriage? Was it she? Was not she attractive enough, sexy enough? Why could not he just leave the porn? After all, he loved her, did not it?

Like Cynthia, many women are violated by her husband's discovery of drugs. They feel lonely, left out and helpless about how to get rid of this problem.

Pornography is a pity that can destroy the marriage. But what happens when you do not know what to do about it? Is prayer enough to save the marriage from this powerful addiction?

Give 3 things about your human substance:
1) It probably started many years before he met / got married.
2) It's not necessarily a sign that he does not love you.
3) You can overcome this pornography in your marriage with the right tools because many women have.

Watching porn can trace man's feelings, eliminate intimate marriage, and ultimately destroy all the marriage. The problem is, however, that many women are frustrated at their marriages, they do not understand where it started. If your marriage is destroyed and infected with pornography, then there is hope. The first step is to make a decision that you will do what is required for your marriage to overcome this addiction. Fortunately, many women have found a solution for themselves and their husbands. There are a variety of tools and resources that can help you do this.


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