The drug and addiction of family and society

There are so many grandmothers these days who are morbidly concerned about their children and especially grandchildren. A plague has dissolved in the heart of the family and it bleeds in any siege of connectivity, toxicity. It captures its captures on multiple accounts and it destroys my myriad life. In some cases, it does not take prisoners because of death.

Drugs and addiction steal the heart of the family. Their hearts are no longer for what is best for all. Their faithful are divided; Their heart is for the subject now. Drugs and drugs kill the hopes that once thundered and flourished in them. These dreams seem to be lost and at least for a time, impenetrable. And drugs and drugs destroy all the peace and security of the family. It's never time when everyone can relax and sometimes there are some who are never at ease.

After the pharmacist's chat usage – which has become a reputation for their content – there is no good reason for their own choices; it only causes harm. They have come to protect parts of their lives they do not want and in many cases can not live without. Addiction causes the addict to work with people; They must get what they need. We may also know something about this. We can share some story as our story. So many of us do, and that's how we can cite the truth that drugs and addiction are depression for society. We paid the price. And then, do our loved ones. Addiction is not the attitude of individuals. It can hardly anyone.

So what can you do?

The dominant wisdom is strong love. We do not make them active. We do not guarantee them. We pray for a vast experience that will lead them to their understanding. We do not apologize for them. We do not give them money or a way to keep moving on with their harmful habits. Difficult where this is, we must ask that they find no action. Unfortunately, there is always someone who wants to & # 39; help & # 39; them.

What if family members participate? This is the most terrible reality, because we become eyewitnesses of abuse of neglect, including other abusive practices. The World Health Organization (WHO) organizes child abuse in four categories: physical, sexual, emotional or psychological and negligent. If we see abuse, what should we do? We should do the right, of course. Be ready to report it. Make as much as possible the missed help they need. But be warned, things get worse before they get better. You will need every penny of strength and every minute of support. The situation can get more painful than you could imagine before.

One thing we can do is pray. Another thing we can do is to have a positive impact on the children, but we must also be prepared for potential opportunities as access to them can be reduced if a drug-addicted family member is threatened. Things can become nasty soon.

It can be difficult, even impossible, to not yet be able to maintain a working relationship.

One thing to remember always is that we need to use wisdom of self-confidence. Perhaps you are the only sensible adult effect in your child's life. It's a valuable role you have. You have anointed God in his life. Do what you can reasonably to be a part of your life. And see what you can do in that based hope, joy and peace in your life.

But we should resist temptation to continue the role of toxicity affecting life through enabling the addict.

As grandparents and parents (and sometimes as drugs), it's good to believe that change can take place, but change only occurs when an individual has to change is honest with himself and others and places integrity.


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